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    Default nervous about topless

    My boyfriend and I are going to couples negril in a month. I know that there is a nude beach on location (which I did not know about until after it was booked. My boyfriend told me he did research and "missed" this part), which I am not happy about at all. My question is, how close is the beach and do you see it? Also, I found out there is topless sunbathing, which I am also upset about, and want to know the extent. Any input from people who have actually been there would be really helpful because I know it is natural and ok from some people, and that's fine, but I am very upset about the whole thing.

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    Calm down. Even if nude sunbathing isn't advertised, it's very common everywhere outside of America. No matter what resort or country you visit you will see it to some extent. It all depends on what people are visiting. Some cultures do it more than others. I don't know exactly why it bothers you so much but I assume you're very innocent and never been exposed to anything or you're worried your boyfriend might stare. Don't worry. After the first day you won't even notice it. Worry about you and have fun. Let others do what they wanna do. Just relax and enjoy Jamaica.

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    The AN beach is not visible from the textile section of the beach. If you walk the beach you will be able to walk past it but you could choose not to. Nudity isn't flaunted, Couples is NOT the "H" resorts. No need to let it upset you, if you don't want to see it you won't, you'll have to go looking.

    As for topless, the number of women topless will absolutely vary depending on the crowd at the time...maybe none, maybe a few but it's not like 75% of the women on the beach will be topless. And again, this isn't the "H" resorts so they aren't up flaunting it in poor taste or trying to attract attention to themselves. Everyone there is a couple, two people there together not singles looking to hook up with other people. Makes for a totally different environment, it's not like a playboy mansion scene for sure. It is allowed at the beach only, not at the pool. When we were at CSA last October we noticed only one woman topless the whole week, if there were more they were so discreet they were not noticed. This woman did happen to be a bit inappropriate for the environment, she flaunted herself and struted around. So what, my husband actually laughed and found it unattractive due to the way she was carrying herself...or carrying on.

    Relax, it's likely not at all what you are imagining.

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    The AN beach is separated from the main beach by a tall hedge and you won't see it unless you take a walk on the beach heading left. Even then, you have to look back to your left to see anything. As for topless on the main beach, it's not prevalent so you probably won't see much of that either. Relax and enjoy your vacation in Negril. We were there in November and are going back this November (our third trip).
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    when we went to Cn in Feb we only seen 3 women that went topless the whole 10 days and one was the wife as for the nude beach if you go closer to the water sports area you will not be able to see it.
    Relax and have a great time

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    Calm down maybe 5% at most on the entire Bloody Bay beach is all that you may see., but there are those who were raised with topless being very common as my wife was and she is topless any where any time on the beach, but we will not be there until August so your in the clear!!

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    I would say, if it's a problem for you then call Couples and look into CSA as they don't have an AN beach. Now that takes care of that problem, but you still have topless sunbathing all along 7 mile beach? Personally I can't see how the BF overlooked any of this, but it obviously happened. The big question is are you both ok with it and can you look past it?

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    Gosh, take a deep breath. It's not like a crazy kind of naughty spring break atmosphere. You may not even see anyone topless. Those who do are just quietly going about their own business. No big deal at all. Don't let something like this ruin what could be such an amazing vacation.

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    You're going to get a ton of replies, telling you the same thing. "Don't worry."

    Well, obviously you are quite worried, since you've posted this twice under different headings. I'll go out on a limb and go a bit further than to say "dont' worry" with my reply.

    Sounds to me like you're more than a tiny bit insecure and somewhat unsure of your boyfriend's intentions. That's very unfortunate, since trust is a basis for any good relationship.

    Try to sit back and think about the situation for a minute before being so quick to judge your boyfriend for "missing" the part about topless. Perhaps he did really miss it. Perhaps not. But it seems like the simple fact that he wants to spend a week with you at a very romantic resort has escaped you. If all he was interested in was looking at topless women, he could be doing that at any given moment on the internet and save a few thousand dollars by not taking you on a vacation.

    Will he look at topless women on the beach? You bet he will, but I doubt he'll run off with anyone there. See, that's the beauty of Couples...everyone is a couple and not looking to pick someone up. And guess what? If you go topless on the beach, he'll be looking at YOU, and may add another dimension to your relationship; another level of comfort and trust with each other.

    You should try to gain some perspective and some security in who you are as a couple and you'll enjoy the vacation a lot more. Try to focus more on the fact that you're going on a wonderful vacation together!


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    Help us out and tell us why you are nervous.. The nude beach is completly seperate so you can drop that worry easily. I would assume you are not too innocent since you are going with a boyfriend and not a husband. Gals are only allowed topless at the main beach so you wont see any up by the pools and I am willing to bet most of the time you would have to "look" for topless women, they arn't going to be parading all over the beach. We are both big church goers and quite moddest but, I have been around topless women several times in my travel and in all honesty after the first couple you hardly notice, even when you are talking to one. It definatly doesnt stop me from enjoying my vacation. We are thinking of trying the A/N thing while at CSS. we both want to snorkle out in the ocean nude with each other could care less about seeing other people. Hope this helps and you can ease your mind and get excited for your trip!!

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    Don't worry about the nude area. It is all the way at one end of the beach, separated from the main beach by a hedge and, since the main beach is so large, it is very easy to stay away from the Au Natural area.

    You will, however, see topless women on the main beach. There are always some and there is no area of the beach where topless is not allowed. Sounds like maybe you didn't research the resort enough. Maybe you should change your reservation to CSS near Ocho Rios where topless is not allowed on the main beach and the nude area is a very long way away or CTI where topless is only allowed on the pier, not the main beach and the nude area is on a separate island.

    Couples is very good about changing things to keep their customers satisfied, so if I were you, I'd call them and see what it would take to change your reservation to one of their resorts in the Ocho Rios area, either CSS or CTI. I would recommend CSS, but that is just my personal preference.
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    I am just glad we want be there when you are.

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    Default Relax

    I've been to CN and I am planning a return trip for next year. The au natural area is divided by bushes so you can be reasonably sure you won't see anything unless you walk into that area....HOWEVER, people do walk from the au natural area to the water completely nude. If you want to avoid seeing this, I would suggest you sit far away from the nude area which is on the left side of the beach (facing the ocean).
    That being said, there were topless people all over the beach when I was there. It was truly no big deal. Most Europeans do this regularly and for them, it is no big deal. I kept my top on, which was also fine. The pools do not allow you to go topless, so this may be a better area for you to be in. Some days had more topless than others...but it was certainly there.
    I'd suggest you go with a more open mind. You are vacationing outside of the USA or Canada (where I assume you are from since it's not the norm in our culture to be topless) and you need to accept that you will be in a completely different culture, vacationing with people from all over the world who have different cultures. The USA is one of the most conservative advanced countries in the world with regards to nudity. In Europe, nearly all beaches are topless. Thus, when they visit Negril, they also go do many of the locals.
    I understand you being a little uncomfortable, but I don't see any reason for the anxiety you are feeling. It's not like people are gawking, or making out on the beach. It's very respectful and fitting with the caribbean atmosphere. I'm not an au natural beach person myself - but I sort of with I was that free spirited. Maybe next trip ;-)
    My advice would be to RELAX and enjoy the care free, laid back atmosphere of Jamaica! The people are lovely and might teach the repressed vacationers from the North just a little bit about "no worries, mon".


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    Oh, and I should have added...IF you are still VERY concerned about it, you could always change your reservation to Couples Swept Away which is just up the road and has no Au Natural...although there is no guarantee that people won't be topless....


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    Just going to get my popcorn.

    I don't know about why you're upset, but you should stay close to the water sports hut. Nobody will bother you or get in your face, but there will be nudity at the other end of the beach.

    There may be some topless ladies on the rest of the beach (Not many) and all the men will be topless.

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    Relax... the nude beach is separate and you won't even know it's there unless you make a point to go looking for it.

    Topless however is allowed at this resort on the main beach. Those are the rules so others who sunbathe topless are not doing anything wrong. If it will really bother you that much, then in order to be comfortable you may want to stay in the states.

    But really I don't see how some women laying on their lounger on the beach with their tops off can affect your vacation. You probably won't even hardly notice who's laying out topless and who's not unless you conduct some serious surveillance instead of enjoying the most beautiful place on earth. But it's certainly not our (those of us who sunbathe topless) fault if you are upset about something that is allowed. Also, just a note, nobody is walking around flaunting their "toplessness"... it's just some ladies laying out on their loungers on the beach. I hope you reconsider being so upset and just go with an open mind and as the above poster says, let others do what they want to do.

    Each person there is with their significant other, and trust me, isn't concerned about anybody else's boobies.

    At any given time, there is probably less than half of the ladies sunbathing topless depending on the clientele in that particular week. Again, it's NOT a big deal, please don't let yourself make a mountain out of a mole hill.

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    I would suggest you try to enjoy your vacation and try not to worry about what others choose to do on their vacations. You might find it to be easier than you think, but ofcoure that's up to you. It's your vacation at it should be what you want it to be.

    At the Couples resorts you can easily avoid ever seeing the nude beach by just not going there. As for topless on the main beach ... this is optional not mandatory so you can keep your top on all week if you like. No one will judge you for not going topless, just like I assume you would not judge them for doing so.

    The reality is that if other people being topless on their vacation is a dealbreaker for you then Jamaica may not be the best vacation destination for you. Jamaica is amazing, but it may not be for everyone. Sorry! I hope it works out for you and your boyfriend.
    All the best-

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    I wouldn't worry. The nudest section is at the left end of the beach. When you go down to the beach stay near the right hand side and you probably won't see any thing. We walked down the beach for about 45 minutes to the right an only saw a couple of topless women.

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    I have been to beaches all over the world and the only place I have not seen topless sunbathing is in the US - I hear you won't find it in the middle East either but that is not high on my vacation list. So if it bothers you that much check out Hawaii or Dubai


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    Chill out! Just as advised on trip advisor to you post, they are just boobs. It is what it is, I'm not trying to be harsh or mean I just think you may be overreacting a little, if you don't want to see it dont visit the AN beach stay on the main beach....not to mention if youre this uptight about breasts, what about people going ALL NUDE? Just breathe, it will be ok.
    Erika & Sean

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    Default No worries, Mon!

    Au Natuurel beach is cordoned off by a tall hedge, which you can't see through, at CN. You may glimpse people from that smaller area as they go to the water. If that bothers you, go further away from that area on the CN beach, which is a nice sized piece of real estate! If someone goes topless, which is permitted all over the Caribbean, don't be surprised; but, I saw that once last September, when we were there for a week. We were on the AN beach six of seven days and it is wonderful! Sun on your body, dip in the Caribbean, then the hot tub, and then a drink. Massively therapeutic!!!!
    Most of us go to a Couples resort to enjoy each other, while having no worries, and feeling secure enough to focus on the reason for going there: each other! The all-inclusinve service, friendly Staff, and 'at ease' guests will win you over.

    FYI: If you don't wish to be near the AN beach, don't take a room in Building 6 or 9.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Calm down. Even if nude sunbathing isn't advertised, it's very common everywhere outside of America. No matter what resort or country you visit you will see it to some extent. It all depends on what people are visiting. Some cultures do it more than others. I don't know exactly why it bothers you so much but I assume you're very innocent and never been exposed to anything or you're worried your boyfriend might stare. Don't worry. After the first day you won't even notice it. Worry about you and have fun. Let others do what they wanna do. Just relax and enjoy Jamaica.
    Ditto could not have said it better myself forget about it it's a non issue and you won't even notice!
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    Our first trip was in January 2005, more Europeans there than any other time we have visited and there were quite a few on the regular beach. Believe me this is not every women on the beach and I never saw any at the pool. We have since then been to CN four more times and to CSS twice. Thankfully we only have 10 more sleeps before we are back to CSS. Next year, I think we are going to try going back to CN. Couples really is the best All Inclusive we have ever visited. Every place in Mexico, Costa Rica and Dominican had topless beaches, even though they didn't have nude beaches.

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    What are you so upset about? You don't have to go topless if you don't want to. When you travel to beaches outside of the U.S., there is bound to be nudity to some extent. Just enjoy your vacation.

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    You are going to see it. Depending on the type of room you booked you can actually see it from certain balconies. Your innocence is obvious, but embrace this experience. The au natural atmosphere is not overwhelming, and many cultures don't even blink at the thought of it. Don't let it consume your vacation!

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