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    Default Barefoot Sandals

    Can anyone recommend a good source for these at a reasonable price? I've seen many for sale online, and the prices range from $18 to over $70. I'd like to find some that don't look "cheap" but really don't wish to pay a small fortune. Love to hear feedback, and see photos, from anyone who has recommendations.


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    Have you tried Esty or Ebay?

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    I found mine at for $30.00. They had 3 different styles and the ones I chose went soooo perfect with my dress and attire for the rest of the vacation...

    [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\rusket0722\My Documents\My Pictures\Our Wedding Photos[/IMG]

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    I'm sorry, I tried to post a photo, let's see if this works...

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    NegrilBride27, what a beautiful photograph, thanks for sharing!


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    They are really easy to make! I posted instructions on a prior thread named barefoot sandals. Check them out. If you get stuck or need can e-mail me @

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    I bought some for myself and MOH and bridesmaid, I found thru Etsy and Ebay. Mine were a little bit more then the girls think theirs were about 18.00

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    @ Dana...You know...I did make the jewelry (necklace and earrings) for my bridesmaids in my first wedding...I probably should look into making barefoot sandals for my last (and best) wedding for myself.

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    I just found an awesome site for custom made barefoot sandals!!

    I think they are reasonably priced, given that most of the ones I like have tended to be over $100 on other sites. lol

    The other great thing is that you get a discount if you order a set, which includes a necklace, barefoot sandals, earrings and a bracelet. She has some beautiful floating pearl/crystal pieces that I love. She will do custom colors and sizing as well.

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    Thats great Stacie, I think I looked at her work when I was trying to decide

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    I actually ended up buying a pair from here, I sent Tammy a picture of the dress I'll be wearing and she worked with me to select the colors/style to wear with it. They were so pretty that I ordered a couple of additional pairs to give as gifts.


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    Karen...Ohhhh....I like hers too!

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