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    Default what to do immediately after 3pm wedding at CSA before sitting down to dinner?

    Hi there,

    We are getting married at CSA on 22nd March 2012. Originally wanted sunset wedding but couldnt get this so 3pm it is!

    Does anyone have any suggestions what we could do between the wedding and an evening dinner (just the 2 of us)???

    Any suggestions are helpful!

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    Start the honeymoon!!!!!!!

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    get naked and enjoy being married

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    Seriously,lol. Think we will maybe request an early dinner somewhere private. That means we could just change after this and enjoy the rest of the night.

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    LOL at magpie. I think she was asking about something that wouldn't wrinkle her dress.

    @Laura...Are you not taking pictures after the wedding? I'm getting married at CSA at 4pm on 5/15/12 and we we will be taking pictures for about 2 hours afterward. Our dinner reservation is for 8pm, so in that 2 hour gap we are probably going to hit the martini bar (or get naked...we'll

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    Since I guess you are not looking for the obvious answer lol, I would suggest that you go to the spa and book a couples massage. It is very relaxing. After that you could go back and have a bottle of wine on the verrandah.
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    This is a really good question! I've been going back on forth on having a ceremony earlier in the day, then changing and hanging out on the beach, vs. a sunset ceremony and going straight to dinner.

    If you don't want to change out of your dress (or get it wrinkled ) maybe you could share a bottle of wine/champagne and take a relaxing walk along the beach. You could do photos (either w/ a professional or just take fun candid shots on your own.) You may want the time to get in touch with family/friends back in the US to let them know you've officially tied the knot. If you have guests at your wedding (or have made new friends during your trip) you could kill a few hours at the bar and ask for stories about the "married life". Don't ask for horror stories

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    Yes we are having photos taken after with the resort photographer, thought this would only be for about an hour though so it was what to do in between times. Will maybe just go to one of the bars for a few drinks although wasnt sure if we would feel a bit silly as just the 2 of us! Either that or Champagne on the balcony! Excited. x

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