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    Default Honeymoon at CTI :)

    Hey guys!

    My finace and I will be honeymooning at CTI the week of August 21, 2011. We are so excited!!! Neither of us have ever been to Jamaica before, so we can hardly contain ourselves! One thing in particular I'm looking forward to is the snorkling or scuba diving. Anyone recommend one over the other? I am terrified of sharks though! We will be staying in one of the ocean jr. suites, anyone ever stayed in those? Any feedback?

    We are also looking to meet new couples while there. Anyone going to be there during this time? Anything we definitely need to do or try?



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    I like snorkeling over scuba diving because you are still breathing air on your own, the tank just freaks me out but alot of people adore scuba, you do get to see a lot more upclose!!

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    Hi LeAnne,

    My wife and I honeymooned at CTI 5 years, 11 month, and 5 days before you'll be going. It was our 1st time to Jamaica, and we've dreamt of going back ever since. You will absolutely love it!

    Honestly, having been snorkling in the Riviera Maya since, the scenery on the ocean floor in JA just isn't that great, but the experience of each is well worth doing both if you can manage to do so. Being 40' under water and holding a Sea Cucumber just cannot be explained until you do it. And while the wildlife near Ocho Rios is not as good, the water was calmer while snorkling there, and much more relaxed (i.e. you could take your float off and actually swim below the surface) which was not allowed at the reef in MX. Also, the boat stayed very close while snorkling in JA, which was nice because you could just stop when you were tired, whereas in MX the boats had to more quite a distance from the reef, so when you were finished you had a long swim back to the boat. I would suggest buying your own snorkle and mask to bring with you. It was fun to just snorkle off the beach and the island.

    The atmosphere at couples was just incredible. Everyone is there as a couple, so it's very conducive to meeting other people and making friends. When we were in Mexico recently it seemed like everyone was there as a group, and just stayed with their own people. We made tons of friends while at CTI!

    As for suggestions, I'll say the same thing I learned on this board all those years ago, because we witnessed it ringing true first hand... go to the island very early in your stay! The logic is that if you go your first day and love it, you'll still have the rest of your trip to spend out there, if you don't like it you can leave right away and still enjoy the rest of your trip on the mainland. But if you wait until the end of your trip because you are worried about not liking it, and then find out that you love it, you'll be out of time to continue enjoying it. Two couples we met when we were down there we convinced to try the island at the end of their stay, and they were kicking themselves for not going sooner.

    Another suggestions is to go on all of the included excursions. They are truly phenominal! We loved Dunn's River Falls, the dancing at Margaritaville, and the Catamaran Cruise. They were unbelieveable.

    Also, definitely get yourselves a Hummingbird. They are fantastic! We actually overheard people asking for them in Mexico, but the bartenders had no idea what they were talking about. I could have walked them through the recipe, but the didn't have rum cream or fresh bananas at that resort, so it couldn't be done.

    Have fun, you will truly love it!

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    Iclem09 ~ Head over to the "Meet up at Couples" thread and then choose the CTI option, look for the dates you are going and I'm sure you will make friends from there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were married and honeymooned at CTI Apr 2-10th this year. It was our first trip to Jamaica, also. There is SO much to do, you'll never run out of options. We did all of the water sports (expect SCUBA- because I found out when I went to sign up they require I have a medical release bummer ) Definitely try Dunn's River Falls, the island (don't knock it til you try it), the catamaran cruise, and sign up for Romance rewards and swap to Sans Souci for the day- it's a nice change of pace.; although it made us appreciate CTI even more.

    We stayed in an Ocean Jr Suite, number 2107 in the new building and it was TO DIE FOR! We made sure we peeked in all of our guests' rooms. One even had a 1 bedroom suite and ours was waaaaay better. It's well worth the money and I'll happily drop the cash to stay in that room again and again.

    CTI has great opportunities to meet other couples or just hang out for QT with your significant other. If you want to be especially social, head to the swim up bar (either one) I always had a hummingbird in hand- except when they offered Sunshine (only on Sundays) then we drank that all day.

    You won't be disappointed!

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    LeAnne, my fiance and I are getting married at CTI the same week you will be there! We have also never been to Jamaica.

    We would love to meet up!!

    I've also heard great things about the excursions and resort activities. The one piece of advice that people keep stating is just to are in Jamaica Mon!

    Hope to meet you there!

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    I'm so glad we've found others who are going to be there the same week! We should definitely meet up! I'm so excited! Counting down the days!


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