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    Default Beach vendors at CN?

    Hi everyone!!

    My boyfriend and I are first timers heading to CN next Saturday. I was just wondering what sort of vendors are on the beach. I would like to be able to buy some souvenirs other than at the gift shop and just wanted to know what types of things are sold.

    Thanks so much!!! I can't wait!! Less than one week!

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    CN will invite selected vendors to sell items on the property - although not on a daily basis. If you want the full "beach vendor experience", I 'd suggest trading places at CSA for the day and walking the beach.
    Have fun!

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    If you walk down the beach toward the RIUs you will find vendors who sell all sorts of stuff like carvings and crafts. No need to be scared. They are friendly and polite and all accept a polite no if you're not interested. Remember to barter for price. I think it's expected.

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    Good Question...I was wondering as well.
    1st time to Jamaica!
    ******CN June 2011*****

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    Each day there are different venders on the beach. You can buy jewelry, clothing, paintings, wood carvings... There is a guy there on Mondays (name is Sidney) who personalizes footballs and baseballs made from coconut shells.

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    You can buy absolutely anything on the beach! And for cheap. Barter prices and don't flash your cash! lol If they ask for ten tell them you only have 5 and more than likely they will take it. Be polite and friendly with the beach vendors and you can find whatever you like Have fun! I'm jealous..and if you could please let me know how you like CN? We've been to CSA and I'm trying to figure out where to plan our honeymoon! Thanks so much!

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    We leave this thursday for CN and it's going to be our third trip there. Last time that we were there, there were on ly two or three vendors on the beach. However my wife and I look forward to heading to town to shop all of the shops there. The resort will provide transportation to and from, and you'll find more than you ever dreamed of to take home with you. There is also a market place just across the street from CN that you can walk to and make purchases there also. Shopping in town is one of our favorite parts of our vacation. Look us up when you get there, Scott and Jean, you're going to love it.

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    You lucky dogs ... at CN in less than a week ... am SO jealous!!!!

    The resort has a few vendors each day, with more on Mondays plus there are vendors as you walk up the beach. They sell all kinds of wood carvings, jewelry, sandals, beach towels, wraps, t-shirts, key chains, swimwear, picture frames, paintings, pottery items, misc. trinkets. You can make hats, tye dyed t-shirts, carvings, jewelry, etc. yourself at the resort on different days also as part of the entertainment.

    Know you're going to have a FABULOUS time .... wish it were me. LOL ENJOY!!!!!

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    Thank you everyone for your responses!! I really appreciate it!!

    Smiley854- I''ll definitely let you know how we like it!!

    mskeyspirate- Hopefully we cross paths! We are Dan and Becca

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    Yes, we leave this Saturday, 5/21, hope to have toes in the sand by 3 or 4 o'clock. First time, and can already feel the pull of the sand..... Dave and Michelle

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