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    hi to everyone out there in couples land. i am looking to book an atrium suite at csa and wanted to know how many of the buildings have atrium suites. i know they are in the old section of the resort and in looking at the aerial view of the resort it looks like from the beach to the road there are 3 buildings in a row. i know the bfs are the first row. my question is, are the atrium suites all the other buildings? the reason i am asking is i hear complaints about how noisy it is with the rooms near the road. are there any atrium suites near the road? also are there any atrium suits with views of the beach? another question i have is i heard not all atrium suites have the hammock. what would you say the % is with and without hammocks. i have seen pictures of the atrium suites and i love the way they look. if anyone has some more pics to send please do.

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    The rooms closest to the road are GVS, those are the ones where people hear the road noise...when they hear road noise. All the Atrium's have hammocks.

    For pics look at CSA reviews on trip advisor. For videos of CSA look on youtube.

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    All the atrium suites have a hammock on the large verandah. If you look at the Couples Swept Away may on the website you will see the Great house on the right side , and the Palms on the left. The buildings that are along the road are the Garden Verandah Suites. The buildings next to the Great House are back to front ( 3 rows of buildings ) - Garden Verandah, Ocean Verandah and Beachfront Verandah suites. There is also a larger building near the Palms, also Beachfront Verandah Suites. The smaller buildings along the length of the beach are the Beachfront Suites ( the older section ). The rows of buildings, not on the beach, and smaller buildings are the Atrium Suites, they are scattered throughout the gardens. Yes a couple of the atrium suites have a partial ocean view, but most do not. They are in a quiet area, no road noise worries. I believe there is one atrium suite near the Palms, that may have noise from the Palms in the am, but nothing to worry about. They are a beautiful room, and for the price can not be beat ! Also, due to the atrium in the middle, you do not share a wall with your neighbors, so they are even more peaceful.

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    When you look at the older section of the map there are pretty much 4 rows of buildings between the road and the beach. The Atriums are the middle two rows. Some of the buildings in the row closer to the road get some road noise but (in my experience) the ones that are closer to the beach get ocean noise! Most of them are pretty quiet but if you end up in one that is too noisy you can ask if there is anything else available and they will allow you to move. There are one or two buildings with great beach views but they are very hard to get since everyone wants those. Many of the others have a (very) partial view. You can hear the ocean from many of them so that is nice. The ones by the wedding gazebo are nice too because that area is pretty quiet and you can hear the ocean and koi pond. I would not go there expecting the ocean view buildings as you will almost certainly not get it. There are a few Atriums in the buildings with the BFS that have large balconies but I almost never see anyone in those. I wish they would call them something else since they really aren't like the other Atriums. There is almost no balcony and no hammock. The only person I have ever seen in one asked to be there. When we ask which rooms are open they don't even offer those because most people don't want them. There are only about 3 or 4 of those though. All of the Atriums they will put you in have hammocks. These are our favorite rooms. I really suggest booking one. They look just like the photos and are really nice.

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    We just returned from Swept Away on April 27th. We stayed in the Atrium suite for 10 nights. We had one of the ones closer to the lobby, and were on the 2nd floor. I could hear the music from the Palms (I think thats the name of the one with the breakfast buffet, I get them mixed up with Patio's) everynight. So if you go to bed early, you will not want to stay in the Atrium suite. You can also hear the tree frogs all night long, then the doves start in, in the morning. If you are a light sleeper you could have a problem sleeping. It took me a few nights before I got a good nights sleep. lol. You also can hear some road noise, but nothing major. The Atrium suites have screens on the windows, so you hear everything, from the people talking when they walk by, to the music, to the tree frogs. The one thing I did not like about the Atriums was the fact that being as though the rooms are screened, they can get quite warm during the day when they are opened up. I would go back to shut the room up before showering for the evening. I like to keep my room open and light, with the Atrium you had to close it up to keep it cool. Not a problem if you like to be warm while you are in your room. I noticed alot of people in our unit did not use the air, personal preference and comfort. I also loved the look of the room, and believe me I used the hammock twice a day, morning and evening! There are some Atruim's that do not have hammocks, they are close to the beach, set back a little between a couple Beachfront suites, the reason I know this is because I talked the occupants of one of them cuz I loved the location, and wondered what room category it was. She stated it was an Atrium but it cost a little more due to the location. The room was the exact same, but without the hammock, it had a lounge chair instead. All in all I enjoyed the Atrium, the no TV was not a problem for us either. We are booked for next year and we are trying a different room category, reason being I want to be able to leave the shutters open, so the room is bright and still be nice and cool when its time to get ready. I hope this helps with your decision. Have a great stay, you will love it at CSA.

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