hi to everyone out there in couples land. i am looking to book an atrium suite at csa and wanted to know how many of the buildings have atrium suites. i know they are in the old section of the resort and in looking at the aerial view of the resort it looks like from the beach to the road there are 3 buildings in a row. i know the bfs are the first row. my question is, are the atrium suites all the other buildings? the reason i am asking is i hear complaints about how noisy it is with the rooms near the road. are there any atrium suites near the road? also are there any atrium suits with views of the beach? another question i have is i heard not all atrium suites have the hammock. what would you say the % is with and without hammocks. i have seen pictures of the atrium suites and i love the way they look. if anyone has some more pics to send please do.