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    Default Favorite Foods at CN

    Hi all,
    As newbies to Jamaica (and Couples) and foodies, we would like to know what everyone's favorite dishes are at CN. We are both excited to try Jamaican food and are looking forward to having some Blue Mountain Coffee.


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    To be honest, unless you dine @ the buffet or eat at the Heliconia Grill for lunch there is not a lot of Jamaican cuisine at CN. HOWEVER, the rest is all 5 star fine dining and top notch quality food.

    It's hard to pick at this place but my top favorites are:

    The Grilled Striploin w/Mango Salsa w/Potatoes au Gratin @ Heliconia
    Shrimp Pad Thai @ Lychee and the appies that come before..
    Lychee Creme Brule was my absolute favorite dessert @ Lychee.
    Definitely the Asian themed lunch buffet they have once per week

    All this typing of CN food is making me miss the place even more! You'll love the food @ CN. We are foodies and found nothing we disliked which NEVER happened to us before.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    The appetizer platter at Lychee, pumpkin soup, lobster,jerk chicken plate with onion rings , fresh fruit smoothies! Yum!!

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    Blue Mountain coffee is served only in Otaheite, the gourmet restaurant, which is only open for dinner. High Mountain coffee is served in all other restaurants and is the only coffee available for breakfast.

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    Hi D & J,

    The appetizer platter at Lychee! Mushrooms ala creme for breakfast! The mushroom rissoto at Heliconia! The beef filet at Otaheite! The ice cream machine! The nachos! Pumpkin soup! Hummingbirds! Dirty Bananas! Rum Cream!

    Well, you get the drift... there are SO many wonderful foods at CN!


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    Everything is SO good, but be sure to try the soups. They are outstanding!!

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    Lychee Martinis at Lychee - they just keep refilling for you!
    Mud slide with ice cream from the machine on top...mmmm
    Any of the wonderful soups served at any of the restaurants...mmmmm

    when am I going back again? really? that long? too bad

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    Wow, everything sounds delish! Lobster jerk chicken with onion rings?? Yummy!!

    I am so looking forward to this trip!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Jerk Chicken at the Heliconia with corn on the cob and fries.

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    When we went on the restaurant tour last July we were told by the head chef that Blue Mountain coffee was NOT served at Otaheite - only served at Lychee and Heliconia.

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    Agree with the Lychee Martini (technically it is food as there is a lychee fruit in it). A couple years ago the breakfast buffet had make your own granola which we thought was fantastic! Seriously...everything is scrumptious.

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    Don't be too disappointed about the coffee. High Mountain Coffee is excellent and the difference from JaBlum is subtle. They are grown in the same mountains, just at different elevations. The huge difference in cost compared to the subtle difference in taste makes it unsuitable for resorts. I think I was told the only JaBlum served at CN was in a french press at one of the restaurants. But if it were High Mountain instead.... you would have to be an expert to notice. High Mtn coffee in Jamaica is outstanding. Enjoy!

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    Shrimp Pad Tai and shrimp bisque.

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    The Pad Thai noodles at Lychee are fabulous.
    The steak at Oteheite is melt in the mouth delicious. No knife needed.
    The nachos for a late afternoon snack topped of with some ice cream.
    Creme Brulee
    Lychee Martini
    Pumpkin Soup at Oteheite
    Wonderful salads on the buffet
    Fabulous desserts

    There is so much. We just love all the food and there is such a variety.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yes, the appetizer platter at Lychee is great. But if you like spicy food order the pad Thai and ask them to make it spicy. Maybe the best thing I ever ate. Also the lamb at Helliconia was outstanding.

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    1) Omelets at the breakfast buffet.
    2) French Toast at the breakfast buffet
    3) Beef patties at the Beach Grill.
    4) Jerk Burgers at the Beach Grill.
    5) Lasagna at the Heliconia.
    6) Lobster or Shrimp Bisque at any of the restaurants.
    7) Pepper Shrimp at the evening buffets.
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    NOT breadfruit!!!

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    Everything is delicious. At one time there was hummus at the grill, which was the best (delish). The cookies at the grill are also pretty awesome when you need just a quick sweet bite.

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