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    Default is the Resort Credit in Jamaican or US dollars?

    Is the Resort Credit in US or Jamaican or US dollars? What about the items for sale in the gift shop? Are their prices in Jamaican or US? Can you bargain with the folks in the gift shop over the price of an item?

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    The resort credit is in U.S. dollars and so is the pricing in the gift shop. You can not negotiate the prices in the gift shop. They have a wide variety of items from clothing to jewellery souveniers.

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    All in US$. Even the Jamaican's would rather have US$. No barganing at the gift shops, but you do bargan with the beach vendors. Take small bills if you plan on going on any of the shopping or craft market trips. You may get your change in Jamaican in toe=wn and at the airport. Of course, it was kind of fun getting a $50 bill back in change for a $2.50 Coke!
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    The resort credit is in US Dollars, you are handed a credit note in what ever value at check-in with your other romance rewards gift. You are required to keep this credit note safe until you check out and the value is used against what you have spent on the resort.
    The shops sell items in US Dollars, I don't think you can barter with them but you can give it a try.
    Keep your receipts as it is easy to forget you had bought something so you know what your bill will be at check out. You can pay the remainder in cash or by credit/debit card.
    Hope this helps but when you arrive the reception staff are more than willing to answer any questions.

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    The resort credit is in us dollars. The items in the gift shop are the same and I have not heard of anyone having luck with lowering the price in the gift shop. You can do that when buying frm locals and people selling stuff on the beach.

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    The credit is USD. The price is what it is, if you want to bargain, you need to go to the outside markets.
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    The resort credit is in U.S. dollars. Everything at the spa and the gift shops is also in U.S. dollars. The prices at the hotel are fixed.

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    All prices at the resort are in US. There is no bargaining at the resort, prices are firm.
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    US Dollars - prices in Gift Shop can be paid in either JD ur USD - gift shop no bargaining everywhere else yes

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    No bargaining in the gift shop. All prices at the resorts are in us dollars.

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    The resort credit and all prices at the resort is in US dollars. You will find the environment in the gift shops similar to a department store -- most likely not subject to bargaining. We find they do offer discounts of various things on different days.

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    JA$300 would equal about US$3.54. Not much of an

    Items in the resort gift shops are also in US dollars. Price negotiations do not occur in the gift shop. However, you may haggle with the vendors on the beach. Just remember to be respectful while doing so.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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