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    Default Our Review of CN - April 24th to May 1st , 2011

    Hi folks,

    I thought I'd post our review from TA on here. Any questions are welcomed!


    We just stayed @ Couples Negril from April 24th - May 1st. And words cannot express how we felt about our experience but here's a try:

    Our flight landed at at about 9:00pm. The Couples experience began with showing up @ the Couples lounge to see Steve's smiling face and a cold Red Stripe. We waited for 20 mins and then left for the resort. The drive was approx 1 hour at that time of night.

    Check In: Cold towels, a soft seat and champagne greeted us as we filled out our registration form and we were quickly whisked off to building #2 room 2304.

    Room: Our Gardenview Deluxe room was as we expected, clean and comfortable and turned down for the evening. The balcony overlooked the spa and was quiet and relaxing. Yes the rooms were dated but very clean. The nicest thing I found about the room was the air conditioning. It was the best we have had in all our visits south keeping us cool and dry the whole stay without the musty smell we were accustomed to in Mexico and Cuba. Not to mention, remote controlled! Mini-bar was promptly stocked w/liquor and beverages each day and Donna was our wonderful maid for the week. Bed was comfortable and has a nice warm duvet to throw over you. 4 stars!

    Resort: Beautiful. A true island feel. Wonderfully small making it only a small walk to anything, Foliage was nice and very romantically lit up with at night making it a joy to wander about at any time of day. The only thing I would suggest is more flowers...

    Beach/Water: Simply outstanding! Clean white powder sand and calm and perfectly clear blue/turquoise water. Right out of a magazine! Self serve bar was easily available and the pool bar always close by due to the wonderful small size of the resort. This beach is the best beach we have seen since Pilar beach in Cayo Guillermo Cuba.. Plenty of chairs and shade. 5 stars!

    Pool: Always the center of excitement and never over crowded! This pool was a good size. If it's a great pool and pool bar you are into, this is the place for you. 5 stars!

    Food: This is one of the areas this resort shines. My wife and I are foodies and have eaten at some excellent restaurants in many places and I can honestly say we have had some of the best meals we have ever had in our lives at Couples Negril. We found the Heliconia and the Lychee to be the best, however the buffet was also spectacular. The food menu always changed in every restaurant so you had different choices every day. The oriental theme lunch buffet was great! The Heliconia beach grill was also a great choice for awesome Jerk Chicken, Burgers and Patties. I can't say enough about how good the food was here. 10 stars!

    Staff/Service: This place is EASILY 5 star for service. We were simply treated like royalty every day and never had to wait for anything. Staff always went out of their way to smile and talk to you and you NEVER had to wait more than a minute for your favorite drink which they remember each time! Anyone who felt they were rudely treated couldn't have been staying at the same place as us or were rude themselves. Every other guest we met honestly had the same experiences we had so we are not alone. They have activities staff that actually mingled with you all day and night making the experience even that much more enjoyable. We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to one of the Issa family members who own the Couples resorts (Suzanne). The founder Abe Issa's daughters were staying there just like regular guests and we saw them all the time. It was amazing to see them enjoy their own product with everyone else as equals. A true testament of the Couples Resorts company!

    Bars/Nightlife: Top shelf liquor in ALL bars. Piano bar was fun at night and the Disco nights were actually quite active. I enjoyed a Jager on ice to help digest a wonderful meal each night. This is not a place for all night party hounds and that is what we really like. We like most retired no later than midnight most nights.

    Activities: There was some much inclusive yet we only chose the Catamaran and Glass Bottom boat. The Catamaran is a must-do and was great fun!

    Summary: If you are looking for a cozy, small, romantic resort where you are treated and eat like royalty, Couples Negril is definitely the place for you. If you like huge resorts with marble floors and huge chandeliers, still give this place a try. I think you may change your preference! We typically want to try new places each time we travel but we think we found our new permanent home @ Couples Negril. We will be returning! Thank you Couples for a truly wonderful time in Jamaica!

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    Default great review

    Thank you so much for posting your reivew. We are going crazy waiting for our trip to Couples Negril in 5/2012. Your positive feedback helps us newbies feel at ease with our choice, but also makes it hard to wait sooooo long!!!!


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    You said it perfectly. Thanks for that post!!!!

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    Couldn't agree more with your review! Glad to hear that you had as wonderful a vacation at CN as the rest of us. I like the advice you have given as well: "If you like huge resorts with marble floors and huge chandeliers, still give this place a try. I think you may change your preference"! We sure did!!!

    CN 2010
    CSA 2011

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    Your review is making us home sick. Sure hope the next 55 days go by fast so we can get back to CN

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    Quote Originally Posted by caribbeanlovers View Post
    Your review is making us home sick. Sure hope the next 55 days go by fast so we can get back to CN
    It makes me home sick already and it's only been 10 days since we were there! Our kids are getting old enough now where we can better travel with them soon so our Couples visit may be our last for awhile but hopefully not that long. Oh how I miss the steak @ Heliconia and the Pad Thai at Lychee..

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    I am homesick as well. We were there in November and then again in February. We are now waiting for January.....every morning I think..."oh, to be on the beautiful beach of Bloody Bay".

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    Great review! ty

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Thank you for post your review,e are going to CN on July 29,2011 for a 8 day trip cannot wait, thank you very much .

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    241 days till Negril for the 4th straight year, and 491 days until Swept Away for the first time. Not that I am counting or anything.

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