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    Default Off-Site Excursions CSA

    Anyone done any fun/active excursions off site in or around Negril? Deets? Is it safe? What's fun to do?

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    We were gone 6 out of 7 days back in 2005. We did the shopping tour-didn't enjoy this much at all except the mall at the end where I got a diamond ring. appleton/falls/black river tour-do all three together otherwise it isn't worth it because of the long drive. Horseback riding-just your normal follow the leader stuff with a little ocean ride. The best of them all was the ATV's. I would recommend this one to everyone and that is coming from someone who had never even been on an atv. We rode up into the mountains and saw an old church and visited some kids in a school. It was awesome and a very short drive from the resort.

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