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    Default Which Couples resort?

    My wife and I are active people, so organized sports, tournaments and games are some things we look forward to in a resort. Which resort is mostly catered towards these things? Any help is appreciated.
    When I looked at the sample activity schedule, couples Negril had Soccer, ping pong, etc... I was under the impression that Swept Away was the activity resort.


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    I would say CSA...

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    There is tons of activities at either resort but we highly recommend CSA.They have the largest gym on the island, pool and beach volleyball, tennis bocce ball, I could go on and on.

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    I have to lean toward CN..Couples Negril.
    The resort others try to equal.
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    I am not interested in the fitness center, just the activities. Is the place too big that you won't be able to make an activity if you are on the other side of the resort? How are the organized activities?
    We went to CN a few years ago and loved it. We like to change things up though. Which resort would rival it? Also, which has the best party atmosphere?

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    CN by far is the best choice! You go there and you'll understand why people call CN home and the staff family! With that said you can't go wrong with Couples.

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    I gotta say I do not get why so many adore CN. We did the day pass there form CSA and we were not impressed.. My hubby thanked me multiple times for choosing CSA.

    The beach is so much nicer at CSA. Many say they love CN because it is smaller. I agree it is smaller, so small that it felt claustrophobic to us. The neighboring resorts are right on top of CN. We liked CSA where you could hang on the beach and not even see the neighbors.

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    Each Couples resort has a daily list of activities like you mentioned. However, people say CSA is more active because they have a large sports complex across the street with a large gym, lap pool and several tennis courts. However, if you're just looking for games of beach volleyball, and things like this, then any resort will have them. But from our experience from our trips to the resorts, CSA, CN and CTI had more people participate in them than at CSS.
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    Based on this and your other post asking for more night life, I would suggest CSA which has the same activities plus disco. If you run out of activities, you could always head down the beach to the many local spots on 7 Mile Beach for live reggae music and dancing, Margaritaville, Rick's, the market, etc etc.

    CN does have activities, but we find it pretty laid back and quiet after dark (except in the piano bar). And we love CN just the way it is.

    Everyone finds their own Couples home. That's one of the cool things about Couples.

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