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    Default Horseback Riding at CTI

    Horseback riding used to show as included at CTI, but is no longer shown on the it no longer included? I had heard it was going to be dropped, but not until August when the minibars are added. Anyone know the scoop? Is horseback riding still an inclusion at CTI?

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    I am also wondering this as this is one of the main activities FI and I are looking forward to on our HM on may 22nd. I'm going to be disappointed if they did away with it. =/

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    I noticed this also. Although the horseback riding was alot of fun, I would gladly trade for mini bars in all room categories. It was the only thing that was missing.

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    as far as I know it is until August like you said, I imagine they just took it off now since they were redoing their site!

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    I was also wondering the same thing, since one of the reasons FI and I booked CTI for our honeymoon the 22nd of May was because we really wanted to go horseback riding!

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    I agree the minibars will be a great upgrade, BUT we will be there in June...BEFORE the minibars will be available, so we are really hoping the horseback riding is still included!

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    Ditto! We missed that excursiin last time and were hoping to catch it this time. Also does anyone know the nights the catamarin departs at CTI and CN? Or the returnee dinners for both resorts? We are there for 7 nights but split the trip in a 3/4 so we could try another I'm hoping the split won't make us miss some great inclusions.

    I do wish that returnees had the option to pre-check in for some of the restaraunts and excursions so u don't have to waste valuable time planning when u get to heaven. I would much rather do that from boring ole' home :-) If nothing else have the forms on line so you could have them ready for check-in????

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