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    Default Leave for CSA in 9 days!!

    My fiance and I leave for CSA in 9 days and will be saying our "I do's" - it feels like its been forever to get to this trip...we booked last year and now the countdown is on! We have 13 guests joining us and we couldn't be happier =)

    Thank you to everyone who has posted on this forum as it has helped a great deal in planning for this trip/wedding...

    I am a little nervous as the weather is calling for thunderstorms when we get there and on our wedding day - hopefully the weather channel is wrong!!

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    The weather reports will ALWAYS say rain in Jamaica. In 15 trips we've only had "real" rain on two of them so I wouldn't worry, in fact stop looking at the weather reports. Many days there are brief rains at some point, they may last 15 minutes maybe 2 hours. Many days there isn't rain at all but there is always the "chance" so it's there on the reports. You can't do anything about it so why worry?

    We were there last October which was particularly stormy as far as hurricane seasons go and we watched a wedding that got blasted. The staff handled it beautifully and the couple seemed to actually enjoy it. They had just said their vows and the sky just opened up. People in BFVS rooms offered up their umbrellas for the bride/groom and guests and pictures were taken with umbrellas and then without the rain! They were actually quite cute. Everyone was laughing and just going with the flow. That's the real spirit of Jamaica, no matter what is happening around you it's all irie.

    Have fun and congratulations.

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    We're right there with you!! 8 days for us now. See you on the beach!
    The weather will be GREAT on your wedding day!
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    Congrats!! We are leaving on the 13th, wedding on the 17th... So excited!!

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    Congrats to you all, you are going to have so much fun. We got back from CSA a week ago and we had about 5 minutes of rain the whole week. I hope you have great weather too.

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