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    We are going to CSA in June and I really want to book a private dinner on the beach but I am hearing alot about sand fleas. I guess my guestion in how bad are they, I dont want one romantic dinner to destroy the rest of my trip if I am all chewed up.

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    Let anything else in nature it is really hard to tell. We have been to CN and never had a mossie or sand flea bite. And then there are other times when my ankles are chewed alive.

    Best thing you can do is bring repellant with you, spray it on your skin and hope for the best. There are never any guarantees.

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    It doesn't even seem to matter what time of year you are there. Some years we are fine and others we have been covered from head to toe in bites even though we spent little time on the beach and used spray.

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    As Blondie said they can vary in number...this can be based on factors such as moisture, they seem to be worse if it is or has recently rained. Also, some people seem to react worse to the bites just as some people seem to react worse to a mosquito bite.

    If you are one who reacts to bug bites plan your dinner for late in the trip, if you do get bit you won't have so many days left to have the bites while on vacation. Bring some bug spray with DEET and use it, particularly on your feet, ankles and legs...arms aren't so important but a little spritz wouldn't hurt. If you don't react too badly many have had good luck with Avon's Skin So Soft lotion, it has also been advertised to work well on mosquitoes so this isn't so surprising. The other thing you could do if you've booked the dinner for late in the trip is see what you are experiencing during the trip...if you feel worried you can always cancel, if you feel you want to do it then it's booked and you can follow through using the precautions and you will have seen how they are set-up, what the beach is like, etc.

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    our first day at css we had dinner at the beach grill by the sand. on the leg that was next to the sand we got pretty bit up as we didn't put on bug spray, but it's not like they were itchy or anything. we just remembered to spray ourselves with bug spray when we went near the sand and night and had no problems

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    We avoid the sand around dusk and after a rain... the li'l buggers can be VICIOUS!!! They never bothered me before last May when we had a bit more rain than we normally have, but my wife has always been fodder for them (must be 'cuz she's so sweet). But last May... sheesh!... they made up for all the years they left me alone!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We did experience a lot of sand fleas at CSA in the evening. Luckily, we had brought a small travel-sized spray bottle of 100% deat. I just sprayed it on my legs from the knees down and I was fine. Don't let it spoil your plans!

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    We have been to CN in January, April and July, CSS several times always in April. The only time I have ever had issues with sand fleas/bug bites was the July trip. They come out at night. The days after it seemed as though more bites appeared. We always take bug spray, wipes whatever, not only to Jamaica but every other tropical location we are luckily enough to visit.

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    Default sand fleas

    Oh I remember back in the day, before the resort became "green," they would spray the entire compound with commercial bug sprayer at the crack of dawn, and there was never so much as a flea, fly, ant, mosquito. The only critters were the lizards, frogs, and such. This is the single only complaint I have about the resort.

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    We visited Jamaica 3 times in February and never had issues with sand fleas.... I did not even know they existed until our trip to CN last November. You're right - they're vicious! I was "attacked" while walking the beach during the early morning hours during our last day there. I'll be more careful next time!

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    Thank you everyone, I like the advise to book the dinner on my last night I think thats what I am going to do. Also pile on the bug spray!

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