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    Default Lobster in May@ CN?

    Leaving in 17 days for CN. I was wondering if lobster is available even though it is out of season. If it's not, I can break to my husband before we go.
    Thanks for all the threads on buildings. We are just going to try to avoid 8 since we are terrible light sleepers. Other than that, we are good with anything.

    Thanks travellers.

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    It is illegal to sell lobster out of season. There will be no lobster on the resort and it will be very difficult to find it anywhere on the island.
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    It is my hope that since it is out of season and illegal to do so that no one will sell it. It is also my hope that visitors to the island will respect the need for this law and not try to tempt people with cash to break this law.
    If lobster is really important to a vacation to Jamaica be sure to go between July and March.
    There are many wonderful things to eat in Jamaica.... even when lobster is out of season.
    Have fun!

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    We were at CN from 4/16 - 4/23. At the repeaters dinner we were served butter poached lobster. I assume that it was brought in from outside Jamaica.

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    Red Snapper!! Have your hubby try it when at CN, it's the best. I think I had it every day either for lunch or dinner. I didn't miss the lobster at all. Especially saving almost $1000 by going in April. I can buy quite a few lobster dinners at home. It just doesn't have the same feel as eating it in Jamaica though.

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