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    Default Newbie question about CN entertainment

    My wife and I have been to several wonderful Caribbean resorts, but we’re new to Jamaica and have never stayed at any of the Couples resorts before. We’re looking to stay at the CN in September and have a few questions. As newbies, we would very much appreciate the knowledge and insight of others who’ve already been to CN. Here’s our first question: What’s the entertainment like at CN? I’ve seen several mentions on the message boards about there being nightly entertainment, but I haven’t found any specifics. While I enjoy a quiet, laid back vacation, my wife prefers a more active resort with plenty of on-property activities and nightly entertainment. We’re more accustomed to the mega-resorts with more on-site offerings, so I want to make sure she won’t be bored. I see that there are plenty of water activities and off-site offerings, but I specifically want to know what the nightly entertainment is like at the resort. Any info. would be very much appreciated.

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    There is SOME entertainment at night...but I would not say that is a stength at CN. That works for me. My wife and I are the crazies who have breakfast at 6:30, in the gym by 7:00, second breakfast at 8:30 (2 breakfasts is just one advantage of going to the gym!). I can often be found at the bar by 10:30 (hey - I'm on vacation, have been up since before dawn and have been to the gym already). Cocktails during the day combined with watersports and swimming and sun and everything else - we are usually in bed by 8:30 or 9:00...then up before dawn to do it all again!

    That being said, I guess I am not an expert on the evening activities since I am usually asleep!

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    The steel drum band is great that plays one night, the other times they have some local bands in and some of the entertainers are quite good. Do not hear much Reggae which I wish there would be a little more but not all the time. The entertainment usually ends around 10 and then you head to the piano bar if you wish to extend the evening. There they have either a sing-a-long with Paul Tucker playing the piano (he is fantastic and never has anymore then words in front of him), Karaoke, or some type of Diso dance night it varies every evening and goes on till midnight. The bar will stay open until the last person leaves. Pretty laid back and just right for my wife and I. We sing so we always go to the sing a longs and Karaoke but the other nights we are zonked out in bed by 10. Enjoy you will have a great time regardless.

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