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    Does anyone know how much it is to travel with your clubs? Any problems with theft? I know there is always a chance but, any pointers would be appreciated.

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    What airline? Go to your airline web site, they all list golf clubs. Some do not charge extra, some charge for the first bag.

    No problem with theft, but they are a pain to travel with.

    Pointer: clean your bag out of everything you do not need, only take 12 balls, some tees, glove. Leave the rain gear and all the other items at home. Most airlines you still need to be under a set weight. Get yourself a hard case to protect them.
    Irie Mon

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    Depends on the airline for cost.
    My husband has always travelled with his clubs and to this point we have not paid anything extra. But I do know some airlines will charge.
    Never had a problem with theft. But I am not sure if you are talking about theft with the airlines or theft at the resort.
    Either way, we have never had any problems. And at the resort, I am positive you will not have any problem with theft. After all clubs are pretty hard to hide!!! lol
    Not really sure what kind of pointers you are looking for.
    It is pretty straight forward, we just check the clubs like luggage, my husband uses his clubs as his second baggage. Some airlines make him sign a waiver for damages and for some airlines there is a special area to pick them up but other than that nothing different from checking a suitcase.

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    We are flying with Virgin atlantic and they allow free a set of clubs in addition to your luggage. The bag must have no more than 14 clubs, a pair of shoes, a dozen balls and an umbrella. The weight maximum is 32kg.
    I suspect charter airlines would make you pay.

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