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    Default July 17-24, 2011

    We are Couples newbies!!!! We are very excited to try CN, and after reading almost everything on the site, and most of the threads here, July can't get here soon enough!!!

    Is anyone here going to CN July 17-24? Oh we are 37/38, I am a relatively new traveller...this is only my 2nd beach trip, but my wife is a travel agent....shes been everywhere multiple times EXCEPT Couples! So we are both excited, and hopefully this will be our first of many Couples vacations!


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    Hi Andy,
    We'll be there the same week, 17 to 24. We're also from ontario and who knows, we might even be on the same flight, lol. Now if July would July would only get here!

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    My wife & I will be @ CN from July 19-26. We are 30/27, this will be our third trip to Couples. You're going to love it. We'll see you at the bar on the 19th!

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    sounds like a plan Barry_Lauren. See you at the bar with cold drinks waiting for ya!!

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    68 days and counting....see ya down there!

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    Will be there 16-23 hope to see ya there

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    July 19th - 26th Tracy 37 Trent 36
    From IL.

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    see you in a few weeks libit9

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    Can't wait to see everyone down there,only 50 days to go and i can't control the excitement. With the non stop rain we have had here that jamaican sunshine is going to feel so good...if only July was here already!!!!

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    We will be there 17-23. We are 32 and 29. We are also very excited and counting down the days until we can leave!

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    hey rychma,
    We'll be there the same time and as you, we're counting down the days. We're from toronto, ontario and the weather up here has been lousy so far. Can't wait to get down there and enjoy the sun and water!! See you soon!

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    Beachlovers, we are flying with Sunwing at about 6am on the 17th from Pearson.......35 more sleeps!!

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    hey there scooby21,
    unfortunately, we're on a different flight leaving toronto at 10am. I guess we'll just have to meet up at the swim up bar in the afternoon.

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    hey rychma and beachlovers,
    We are also coming in on the 16th. It's been three years since we've been and we can't wait to get back.

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    So youll get to the swim up bar first Dan and Lisa, beer for me, and a chocolate monkey for my Scoobs please!!

    Can't wait!! Cheers

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    We will definitely have em waitin on yall cowboy. Just look for the straw hat.

    30 Days......WooHoo!!

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    Thanks pardner!! We have a pic if ourselves posted on the "july 2011 photo thread", so u know who to watch for!! We should make it to the bar by about 11:30 sunday mornin!!

    Is it too early to pack?? Hahahaha

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    12 Days to go...We're almost there!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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    Well said!!!! Woooohooooo indeed.

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    My wife and I will be there 14-21 and maybe till 28. We've been there several times and love it.

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    We'll be there the 21st. Looking forward to it!

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