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    Default Second guessing!

    We're traveling to Couples TI this summer and we were really excited at first! But now when we mention that we're going to Jamaica to other people in our circle of friends/co-workers - we get really iffy responses. Most people are saying it's not safe - or they'd never go there. Now I'm nervous! I'm trying to stay positive and I'm reading all of the great reviews on this site - but do I need to be worried about safety??? Especially on the ride from the airport to the resort? Thanks for any feedback!

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    Ignore them and their negative or iffy responses. We have been to Jamaica (Couples) several times and never, not one time have I felt unsafe, scared or sorry for going. Go and enjoy CTI and meet the wonderful people of Jamaica. You won't regret it, and you can go home and tell all your friends what a great place they're missing out on!

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    You really have nothing to worry about, Jamaica is safe and your shuttle ride is safe. Use the same common sense you would use anywhere and you'll be fine. We went last year and are going back in 35 days, I never felt unsafe, actually I felt alittle safer cause everyone was so polite. I think your friends/ co-workers have wacthed one to many movies and or are jealous of the great trip your going on.

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    No worries at all. We are making our fifth trip this summer. I have never felt threatened or unsafe in any way. The airport is as safe as any, the bus/van ride to and from the airport is safe with tons of beautiful scenery to look at, and the resorts are totally self contained and exceptionally safe and fun.

    I will give you this to think about.............90-95% of the Jamaican economy is based on tourism. If it is so unsafe to go there, how do they survive. If it is that unsafe, people like me would not return over and over. Not to discount your friends, but how many have first hand experience in jamaica and how many are telling you "Facts" based on hearsay and word of mouth?

    Jamaica is unsafe, all New Yorkers are rude, all Texans wear cowboy hats and ride horses, and all Californians are least that is what some people would say....................

    Go, enjoy, don't worry, and then laugh at your friends when you get back!!!!

    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    For some reason people have a bad image of Jamaica. I had the same response when we booked, but after experiencing it for myself, the expression, Once you go, you know, really applies. The people are the nicest people that we have ever met, they speak English, the food is fantastic, the water is drinkable, and contray to people's beliefs it is safe. You are in good hands with Couples. You will have a great time, so just relax and let yourself get excited. You will then run into people all over that will agree with you about how great Jamaica is.

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    Default Don't Listen to Them!!!

    I remembered when we honeymooned at COR back in 1984 and we were told Jamaica wasn't safe - don't go there!

    Well we didn't listen then and we don't listen now. Went back to CTI in 2009 to celebrate our 25th anniversary and it was so much better than what I remembered from our honeymoon. We're so smitten by this island that we brought our 18 year old son with us to Negril in 2010 (but had to stay at a family resort).

    And since I'm turning 50 (yikes) this year we're celebrating at CSA and bringing a newbie couple with us. People constantly ask me why we keep going back instead of trying some place else but when you find what you like why deviate???? You'll love CTI and Jamaica-as they say "No Problem Mon" and also the saying fits "once you go you know". Have fun this summer - I know we will.

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    You have NOTHING to be worried about ESPECIALLY during your stay or during the hotel transfers.

    We've been to Jamaica 6 times and have never had so much as an inkling of trouble.

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    Default No worries

    Dont worry it is absolutly safe been several times and never had any areas where I was concerned.

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    Default It's all good!

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie2Jamaica View Post
    We're traveling to Couples TI this summer and we were really excited at first! But now when we mention that we're going to Jamaica to other people in our circle of friends/co-workers - we get really iffy responses. Most people are saying it's not safe - or they'd never go there. Now I'm nervous! I'm trying to stay positive and I'm reading all of the great reviews on this site - but do I need to be worried about safety??? Especially on the ride from the airport to the resort? Thanks for any feedback!
    Do you co-workers and friends live in a bubble? (Sorry, couldn't help myself). goes. I have travelled to Jamaica three times and NEVER have I felt nervous while there. I am a 30 year old woman and not exactly what you'd call a "risk taker" and have felt nothing but kindness, love, and a genuine welcome from Jamaica and staff at Couples resorts. In fact, my husband and I have taken staff from the resort with us on excursions, to dinner, etc. With that said, would I go to Kingston? No. Would I venture off alone to a "non tourist" bar at night? No. But, if you stop and think I'm sure there are places in your town, or the closest major city to which you live that you might not venture off to alone or at night. As I would tell to anyone travelling - use common sense and be respectful. All will be fine. Jamaica is a wonderful, beautiful, place which I consider a part of my soul. It is my "home" away from home.

    Having just returned from CTI I can assure you that you are in for a treat my friend! My only caution would be prepared after visiting Jamaica that you very well may never want to travel to another tropical destination again.

    One Love

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    No...enough said

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    This will only be my 1st time to Couples but, not Jamaica. I loved Jamaica when I first went. Our time was too short. I always felt safe. The main point to what u said is that people that have never been giving u advice. How do u know if safe or not and u have never been there? Your friends say they will never go. My advice to u is go and have fun. Then go back home and tell/show them the wonderful time that u had. I will be there 9/2011 and can not wait. Go have fun!! Many people have been to Jamaica and return. You think people come back because, they are not safe!! They comeback because being in Jamaica is like being at home. You will be in the tourist part of Jamaica.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Jamaica has a poor economy and has a bad reputation for drugs/crime, but I think that's mostly between Jamaicans and in the bigger cities like Kingston, not so much aimed towards tourists. We have gone to Couples twice and just look at all the repeat guests on these boards - we wouldn't keep going back if we felt unsafe.

    I think Jamaica has a lot of hustlers just trying to make a living and they are more aggressive about trying to sell you stuff than some other countries, but use common sense and you'll be fine.

    If you're going to Couples, you will most likely either be safe on the resort the whole time or on guided tours. Some people may be nervous about the airport ride because they drive on the other side of the road and drivers pass other cars a lot, but you shouldn't need to worry about crime.

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    Thank you all so much!!!! You've eased my fears for sure! You're right - listen to the people who have been there! The nay-sayers will be so jealous when we get back! You rock!

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    DO NOT WORRY at all..Your friends mean well but THEY ARE WRONG.

    We have never had an issue at any of the Couples Resorts or Jamaica.

    GO...RELAX...ENJOY a Couples Resort...Then come home and tell your friends Ha Ha a Ha Ha.

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    How many of these people have been there? If they haven't then they are not speaking from experience they are repeating rumors. Our 15th trip was last October, I have no desire to take a vacation to any other destination...Jamaica is it for us!!!

    Use your head just as you would in any other location. If it looks like a place you shouldn't go then don't. There are places in Chicago or New York City that you would go during the day but not at night and there are places you wouldn't venture at all. Jamaica is no different...why does anyone think it should be?

    When you arrive at the airport you will start meeting the people...they will start trying to sell you their most prized agricultural product, it is known by many names. A polite no thank you will get you a smile in return and they will not hassle you any further. They aren't looking to harm you they are looking to make a living so no reason to be afraid just say no and begin to embrace the culture.

    Jamaica is a poor country but they are the warmest people you will meet. Go and have fun. When you get home you can tell all the naysayers what they missed out on.
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    I have been to Jamaica a few times to various resorts and also had the experience of being in Montego Bay Hospital when my husband suffered an injury. I can tell you that the people are warm and loving. Just like anywhere else, you need to have common sense. We've even attended religious services there, of course we did have connections and a friend picked us up at our resort. The people of the island of Jamaica are why we keep returning. So relax and enjoy!!!

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    We have been multiple times and we stay at Couples as well as off the resort - on the cliffs in Negril. We walk to dinner at night and we have never felt uneasy about where we go. Go and and have a great time - One you go - you know - is so very true!

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    We will visit Jamaica for the 5th time in November. I have always felt safe there - no worries!

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    Default Jamaica is safe!

    Don't worry! We have been to Jamaica 19 times since 1996 and have never felt unsafe. Like any large city in the states there are unsafe neighborhoods in Kingston (the capital) but we don't go near Kingston. We have felt safer in Negril and Ocho Rios than we have in Las Vegas. The airport shuttle drivers are professionals. Couples only hires the best!
    On the other hand we have been to Mexico 3 times and won't go back.

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    Do not worry!! They all are haters and just jealous

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    My husband always mentioned Jamaica when we were planning a trip. I always replied that I did not feel like it would be safe. When planning our 2010 trip, the travel agent mentioned CTI, with the glorious 30 million renovation, so I thought I would give it a try. Well, I refuse to go anywhere else, when my husband mentions another island, I can't believe anyplace can match the way that Couples makes one feel. I want to try Swept Away next year, and I know what I will get, a guarantee of a superb vacation. I don't think any place else can match Couples. So don't pay any attention to nay sayers, I wish I hadn't been one for as long as I was. But if the whole world knew our little secret of how wonderful Couples Resorts was, it would be too crowded!!!! Enjoy, love to hear back once you have gone for an update too!!!

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    Interesting views on Jamaica from your acquaintances that have not been there!

    Actually sometimes when I say I am visiting the USA, people here wonder if it is always safe. I am sure there are parts of my country, your country and Jamaica that are a bit iffy so I always travel with my common sense just to be on the safe side.

    Three trips to Couples now and I have never felt anything other than welcome and sensibly protected in the resort or outside it....but there again I haven't tried wandering around Kingston with my wallet hanging out of my pocket.

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    are you afraid to live in the town you do because of crime in new york, or la? no? then you'll be fine

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    I'd be more worried about going to Mexico right now. I was never worried about our safety in Jamaica, and am not worried about our upcoming trip.

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    Here's my question: Has anyone been to Jamaica AND to Mexico ? How do they compare ? I was asked to empty my pockets by a Mexican Police officer when I got a ride home from him from a bar in Cancun. (Yeah I was drunk and separated from friends, thought he was a taxi at first, lol) Would I go back to Mexico ? Sure... it was one bad experience, but just my feeling (never been to Jamaica) is not much could be worse than Mexico and 99.9% of the times I have been there I felt safe. That includes the times I have gone there for work and was escorted in an armed vehicle Just thought comparing to Mexico might give a little perspective....

    Having never been though I guess I'll find out this July.

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