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    My fiance and I reserved the Premier Ocean at CTI, mainly to save a little bit of money. We figured we didn't really need the jacuzzi and the mini bar. I just read on the FAQ section of the website that every room come with a mini bar starting on August 1st. I just wanted to make sure I understand correctly, that we will now have a mini bar in our room?

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    not sure on the exact date but, yes you will! have you considered saving a bit more and booking a superior ocean and getting an extra day out of it? Also there will now be room service.

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    Yes, you will have a mini bar if you arrive after August 1st, as previously stated. Enjoy!

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    If you are going after August 1 then you will have a mini bar.

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    They will begin putting the mini bars in all the rooms in August. Secretly, okay, not so secretly, we are hoping they start working on it before then as we will be at CTI the first week of July.

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    Yes, after after the magical date in August 2011. They do not have the now.

    Hope this helps
    Irie Mon

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    Default minifridge in room

    Great observation - I hadn't gone to the FAQ's yet. Adding minibars to all the rooms at CTI certainly is needed. That and room service were really the only two things missing that other resorts routinely offer.

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    When are you going? If after 8/21/11 then you are vin luck!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    That's right. We will be there in September for our 4th time and now we will have a mini bar in our room(premier ocean). No need to upgrade your room. You're going to love CTI and now your mini bar. When are you going?

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    We are going October 9th through October 15th! Im so excited! Yay for minibar and room service!

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