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    Default One answer for increasing airfare............

    I usually book my trips to CTI around Feb. or March for the following year. I boo the June '11 trip in March '10 and just booked the June '12 trip about two months ago. This year I started watching airfare around Oct/Nov'10. We fly non-stop on Continental from Houston to MoBay. It was around $500 pp then. About a week later it jumped to $918. I was not worried as it always does that and then comes back down. In late Feb "11, it was still up. I began to get worried as paying almost $200 for airfars was not in my plans.

    I began to look to change dates. We originally scheduled June 5 - 15, but I thought 4 - 14 or 6 - 16 might provide some price relief. It didn't! I even tried booking multiple stop flights, but still no relief.

    By accident, I left my leave date as the 5th and changed my return date to the 16th, and BOOM....$520 pp. So I called Couples and changed our date to 5 - 16. We will spend another $350 or so for another night in paradise, but will save over $1000 in airfare with taxes and fees.

    Don't know if this will work for or help others, but it is worth a try.
    Good Luck!!

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    Thanks for the info Billy! Hubby and I are currently looking to book in August 2011 and the price from H-town to Jamaica mon is currently $540. The flights home, for some reason, are really sporatic! We are also looking into going midweek, since I've heard that's better. We have to work out the schedule somewhat w/ my folks since they watch the rugrat.

    btw...this is Michele. Hubby is Patrick. We met at Amy & Steve's. Hubby was in Huslin One & is class of 88

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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