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    Default In room safes

    Their is a new review on TA about another safe robbery at CN. Someone please reassure me that these safes are secure.. and this is likely user error? I'm starting to get a little nervous as it seems as there have been other similar reviews recently.


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    Default Room safes

    In 10 days we will be at CN for trip 10, we never have had a problem. For me its habit to always check as I walk out the door that the safe is indeed locked, and everytime I close the safe I wipe the number pad clean. Enjoy your trip it will be fine

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    Default Theft at CN??

    Bump... someone... anyone?

    Leaving for CN fairly soon and I was banking on someone putting my mind at ease. Thanks!

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    Hi. I just read those reviews on TA yesterday and am concerned as well (we are going to CN in November). We have stayed at CN, CTI and CSA multiple times and have never had a problem. This is the first time I have ever seen any reviews for Couples Resorts regarding thefts before the three (from April 28, April 16 and March 16) I just read yesterday. I believe in one of those instances, the cash taken was not locked up but in the other two, it was. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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    We didn't have any issues with our safe and it was pretty straightforward to operate. We recently stayed at CSA for 10 days, and at first we were putting everything of value in our safe. We got a little more comfortable and occasionally left out our cameras, Kindles and laptop when we had to leave in a hurry. Robberies from your room would be very unfortunate and upsetting, especially from a safe, but our stuff was always fine even laying out in the open.

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    I read that review. I don't want to call anyone a liar and I'm not saying they are not telling what they believe is the truth. But let's think it through...they only had cash taken, not ALL their cash was taken. HMMM, why? I can't tell you how many times in my life I've looked in my wallet SWEARING I had a $20 (or whatever) and it wasn't there. Did somebody steal it? NO. Nobody stole my money. Cash gets spent when you don't realize you are spending it. Bills get stuck together...I actually had an honest clerk hand me back a large bill once that stuck to another bill I handed her and I didn't even realize it. Any number of things happen. But does it even make good sense that an employee takes the time to break into a safe and steal only some of the cash and nothing else?

    We had cash, cell phones and credit cards in ours and never had a problem. How many stories have you never heard of a safe being broken in to? If they were being regularly broken in to you would hear all the stories and you would know how unsafe the safes were. We even left a laptop and several cameras and lenses sitting out in the room all week...if someone wanted to steal stuff how easy would that have been? I'm not advocating tempting fate I'm just saying...Jamaica isn't any different than any other city in any other country.

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    I was wondering about that too. There have been a couple of posts about that on TA. I know it's just not disgruntled folks as the last person gave a rave review and is planning on returning, despite the money missing from the safe. I'm heading to CN in June and hoping nothing like that happens to us.

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    We left cash, jewelery, cell phones, and travel documents in the safe and NEVER had a problem. I forgot to lock it one night before going out for dinner and returned to find that nothing was disturbed - even though housekeeping staff had been in the room to provide turn down service.

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    Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your responses, and I am going to go to CN with a positive attitude.

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    Just got back from CN and never had a problem with the safe. The staff don't want to risk losing their jobs for what's in the safe. Go, relax and enjoy!!

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    I dont know anything about the robbery or anything. But I have been told by numerous people that a lot of the things written on TA are bogus. I personally don't go there. Most places have message boards such as this one. I figure if no one on here has said it, then it's either not true, or it's on an extreme rare occasion (i.e. user error).

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    i left a decent amount of cash laying out on the dresser while at css to dry out and didn't worry about it at all. nothing came up missing

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    We have stayed at the various Couples Resorts 18 times and CN in particular 14 times. We have never had a problem with someone committing a theft of the items in our safe (or in our room either). We always lock our safe when we leave the room and have never turned to find the safe open.
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    We have been away to different resorts over 40 times and there have never been problems with the in-room safe - but at check-in don't let your credit card out of your sight.

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    Never had a problem when we were there. The money left out was moved for cleaning but not taken.

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    Common sense will get you a long way. The safes are adequate for protecting your valuables. We lock up cash, wallets, pass ports, cell phones (we can't use them anyway), and sometimes the cameras we are not using (we bring two or three including a video camera). We keep the safe locked at all time except when we want to get something out, it is then closed and re-locked immediately. We have left some valuables out on occasion and had no worries about them, though never cash or wallets, they are always with us or locked up. Mrs. dirtleg does not take valuable jewelry, not so much because she is worried about theft, but she is more afraid of losing something. It is my opinion that if someone had something stolen it was because of being careless. It can happen anywhere, not just Jamaica. I worry more about theft at the airports than at Couples resorts.

    Use your head and your things will be fine. Have a great trip.

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    We've left out cameras, wallets, video cameras, ipods and nothing was ever touched. Not saying that it can't happen though. Still kept the cash in the safe.

    Funny experience at CTI - we went horseback riding and upon returning our key didn't work. Our sneakers got all muddy, so we left a pair of sneakers outside in the hallway while we had to go to the front desk so we wouldn't dirty up the hallway. Upon returning, the sneakers were gone. We had the maid scrambling, the laundry person interrogated and the front desk all worked up. I mean who would want to steal a pair of muddy old sneakers?

    Turns out we had left them on the floor below when we had errantly tried to enter the wrong room. Staff was very sweet about it all.

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    There are two problems with the safes at CN:

    1) You forget to lock it.

    2) There is a spot underneath the door hinge that can hide a ring. You can't see it or feel it, so bring along a little box to keep the small stuff in.
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