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    Default Review CSA: Third time a Charm

    This is the same review that I posted on TA, since it is my 3rd we'll see if it gets posted had some issues trying to get #2 posted last year so I thought at Randymon's recent urging I would post here as well. So here it is.

    This was our 3rd time to CSA in 4 years and it was great. Special thanks to Rashid in watersports, Cean at Feathers, Andre concierge, Duwaine and Donovan at Patois, Romaine at the pool bar (especially for making my bob marley not half 151, like I was seeing others take ) Cecil the photographer, and Kareem. You were all great and made our vacation all the better. We met some great people that we hope to keep in touch with, and got to be a witness to one of their weddings. Congrats again Nikki and Shane!

    This year we decided to fly to Negril. After standing in an hour long customs line, trying to find our luggage (that was a bit nerve-racking) we finally made it to the Couples lounge. The bus was just leaving and it would have been another 30 min before the next. We were approached by the airlink guys who knew us by name (someone I met on TA, we had been exchanging email and they were flying, told the airlink guys that we may be interested) So after thinking about the length of time before we would be at csa we decided to fly and was it worth it! 15 min and we were in Negril...we will definitely do that you can now book the flight with your reservation at which makes the next time seamless.

    Check in was a breeze. With the heat the cold towels and champagne as always very nice. We got the room we wanted (first floor corner), Andre at the concierge remembered us from last year and came over to greet us and the other couple we came in with.

    The repeaters dinner was great as it was last year, sitting by the gift shop manager was interesting and a lot of good info.

    The beach is a bit more narrow compared to last year but that is from Nicole and will fill back in with time, the vendors seemed more few and far between than in years past and the beach was a bit more quiet without the bullhorn guy who would say "live reggae party on the beach it's going to be HOT HOT HOT!" I missed that. We always joke about him after the first year we came his hot hot hot tag line burned in our brain. I enjoy the vendors, they bring character to the beach and have never found them to be pushy, a simple no thanks goes a long way.

    There were a few hiccups like breakfast not being delivered one day, and someone throwing our stuff all over the beach one afternoon after we left it under a palapa for a brief time (30min to run to the grille for a quick snack) I returned to having to hunt for it...that was extremely childish and rude. I would NEVER take someones things and even set them aside more or less throw them around. Who does this?

    There were a few large rowdy wedding parties but thank god they were on the other side of the resort by the pool (blasting music on the balconies and being loud, this was honestly the first time we had seen this in our trips to CSA) there was even a mens bathing suit and underwear left sitting by the hot tub in the middle of the resort by our room after a night of partying we could hear from our room...

    There are PLENTY of chairs and shade under the trees and sails. Yes, the palapas are saved early (there were a few left around 6am) but it is what it is so if you want one get up early. I do and I get one, so I can't complain...

    Catamaran was great, Rasta Ralphie is a riot. Snorkeling was fun but not the best reef..but still fun.

    We went off resort one night to Pushcart to visit a friend, always a good time.

    The only thing I can say is that I really wish csa had room service for dinner or if we could have dinner set up on the verandah, and the bathrooms in the verandahs need a little updating, other than that no complaints really.

    As I sit here on my verandah typing this enjoying my last breakfast, I can't wait to come back again next year. Negril and csa are definitely favorites...just a few things as I mentioned that could have made it a bit better but still great!
    Erika & Sean

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    We were at CSA last week - don't worry, the bullhorn guy is still there and the party is still HOT HOT HOT and free cover! After staying there for 10 days, my husband can do some good impressions of the regular vendors.

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    Actually the original guy passed away, the guy that was there last week is not the same guy
    Erika & Sean

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