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    Default CSA Shipwreck Beach Party

    We are coming to CSA next week and I wondered what the shipwreck beach party is like? Is it a full buffet type thing or just snacks/ appetizers? I think they had cancelled it the last time we were there. Music and dancing? Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    It is full buffet with many different food stations & yes they have entertainment during the dinner. I am pretty sure if you cannot find pictures here somewhere, you will be able to find a pics on Tripadvisor of this event. So if you see pics of large round top w/ colorful light centerpieces, that should give you a good idea what the set up is like. They don't have single or small tables set up for just a couple so most likely you will share a round top table with other guests if they are at full capacity.

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    We just returned from CSA and the Beach Party was held in the Palms Restaurant at the regular tables and not on the beach as in the past. Buffet dinner with a few extra food stations set up near the main pool area. I asked a server about this after returning to our room to get our sandals as we had planned to be on the beach barefooted and she said there was "not enough beach". We personally thought the beach was the widest it has been in the last 6 years but I guess not enough for the party. There was music and entertainment.

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    We were there the Friday of Easter weekend and did not have anything going on except buffet food at the palms. I'm not sure why, but we were disappointed

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    We were there the last week of March also. The weather was great, the beach is very large, but as stated, no outdoor party. When outside, the food selections are more numerous and the entertainment is a lot different. It might have had something with the re-build of the grill at Seagrapes? I thought it might have something with the "no-seeums." They sure were hungry this year. Maybe next year.

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    We were there in February. Sayed long enough for two beach parties. Both times it was in the Palms. Heard conflicting stories why. One story was because of the weather even though the weather was nice all day and evening. The other story was that there wasn't enough room on the beach. I think they just didn't feel like going through the effort. The second beach party night it was windy and rained so they really needed to have it inside.

    Both times it was pretty lame. Nothing that gave the impression of a beach party at all. Could have been any other ordinary night. Buffet food. Nothing special either. Some of the food was cold. The entertainment wasn't special at all. We went to Beach party nights at other Couples resorts and they were much better.

    We were not impressed this year.
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    We just got back from CSA. I checked the board on Friday morning and it said the Beach Party was being held at the Palms. We had reservations at Feathers that night but walked over toward the Palms afterward and lo and behold there was a big beach party going on! It was a very nice set up with music and dancing and lots of Jamaican food. We did a little tasting but nothing major. There were big tables set up and a couple of bar areas. All in all it was very nice. It seems like it is a lot of work to set it all up, so maybe that's why they aren't doing it every week.

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    Depending on weather/forecast it can be held outside on the beach. We were there Arpil 11-21 and on Friday the 15th it was held outside on the beach.
    Full buffet, entertainment stage and all.

    FWIW it is no longer called the Shipwreck Beach Party. the name has since been changed to the Reggae Beach Party.
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    They do a fabulous job for the beach party. They do go to a lot of trouble and I'm very sure its held every week.

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    Over the years we have experienced the beach party both inside and out. Outside is much more of a "party" atmosphere. With 4 or 5 couples at the large tables it is a nice opportunity to meet new people and is much more festive. The inside parties are ok, but not as much fun, in my opinion anyway. It just does not lend itself to socializing that the outdoor event offers. Either way I would say if you are new to Couples or CSA you should give it a go. We will be attending, again, on our trip next month.
    See you at the beach!
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    April 15-24 two beach outdoors on beach with all food under a giant tent (something new). Second one in Palms due to weather. You all have to realize if it looks like rain, they're going to bring it indoors to set up! You can't set tables and food for upwards of 500-600 people with the snap of a finger.

    They do a fabulous job with food, decor and music. Many Jamaican dishes! This past visit I had to laugh at the one on beach...we went right at 7, got food and sat down. A few minutes later a few hundred people all in one slow line. I wanted to shout...THERE ARE MANY STATIONS, PEOPLE...YOU DONT HAVE TO STAND IN ONE LINE. But nah..... Let them do their own thing lol!

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