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    We are arriving at CTI on Sat 15th. and have been checking the weather reports .The forcast is for thunder storms .Does this normaly rain all day like in England or is it likly there will be some sunshine . We have never been to the carribean so we donot know what to expect Hope someone can help

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    Don't pay much attention to the weather. In the Caribbean there is always a chance of rain everyday due to the humidity. It's typically a short afternoon shower. However, we are in hurricane season so there is a chance the rain could last longer. No worries though! Rain at Couples is better than rain at home! There is still plenty to do!
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    If it rains it is only for an hour or so. This is the great thing about CTI, being on the north side of the island the storms move quickly thru and do not get stuck in the mountains.
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    Sounds like our weather here in Florida. Every day in the summer, you get a ton of sunshine and are praying for a few afternoon showers to cool things off and so that you can get a little "nap". No problem, mon.

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    To be quite honest, if you dont like rain then you shouldnt be going to the Caribbean in the summer. Take a look at any travel weather website and you will see what I mean. We always go in February because it is their dry season and is still hot. Having said that, I'm sure the rain will not be persistant - if it is, then you are just unlucky and at least it will be hot! But enjoy Couples, we've been to CN, CSA (our favourite) and CSS, its a great brand.

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