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    Default May 8th to 14th, Up for SSB late night pool party?

    Anyone going the above week? Any night time pool parties planned at SSB?

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    My wife and I were there this time last year and arranged a party. We will be there this year from the 12th to the 21st and hope to get a nite time par ta. Since our paths will only cross for a couple of nights if you arrange a party on the 12th or 13th let us know and we will attend. And of course if you just announce it at SSB during any day you will likely get several in attendence that night but be warned both clothed and unclothed will attend.

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    Will be there May 7 - 15th. Last two trips (May 2010 & Nov. 2010) others have tried to set-up SSB Night Time pool parties but they never materialized. Hopefully this trip will be more successful!

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    OK, I am a newbie to all this, but what can I expect at a late night par ta? Is it bring your own drinks? Music ?anything? Is it anything other than what you would have during the day?

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    Last year when I set up a party, each couple brought various bottles and mixers from their own room. The bar manager was gracious enough to leave the keg tapped, the ice machine open and access to the stereo system so we could plug in our I-pods. This was an informal get together of about 20 couples having fun dancing, chatting and just hanging out. We started the party around 9 and I think but its a little foggy we ended between 2-3am. I know if you want to set it up formally couples will supply the full bar and a bar tender for the festivities but there is an additional nomial per couple charge for this. We went informal and still had a lot of fun.

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