Hello all! I will be traveling to CSA within the next few weeks (we cannot wait!). Just the other night hubby brought home some fresh flash frozen lobster from his business travels for the momentous occasion of me trying it for the first time. I loved it but my luck within minutes of finishing my tongue was tingling and then a few minutes later I had a lisp and a small amount of swelling in my lower lip. After speaking with my doc he say definitely allergic to at the very least lobster, should have an epi pen, never eat it again and be wary of cross contamination when eating out. This is all completely new to me as I have no other food allergies.

So, obviously huge bummer and nerve wracking when we're about to go to Jamaica where seafood is a plenty I would imagine.

Just wondering if anyone else has stayed at CSA that has a lobster or shellfish allergy and if you found the staff were good about it, if they fry shellfish in separate oils than other foods and if you found there were still lots of yummy things to eat? Outside of obviously looking forward to time alone with my hubby, I have really been looking forward to trying the food in the different restaurants

Anyone that can offer their experience, words of wisdom etc. much appreciated!