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    Default Newbie Question - How many pools at CN?

    Hello everyone! I have always lurked on the board but have never posted. I guess because everything I have wanted to ask has been asked before. This board is very informative. My husband and I have booked our first trip on May 14th – May 21st at CN. Once reading this message board, I knew this was the perfect place for us. I am excitedly counting down the days.

    Anyway I noticed on the new website that is describes CN as ……

    Located on 18 acres of the purest white sand in Jamaica, Couples Negril was designed as a beachfront playground—offering every activity imaginable.
    From scuba to sailing, snorkeling to pool volleyball, the water adventures know no bounds. For land-lovers, complimentary tennis, unlimited golf, and a pristine fitness center beckon.
    · Two swimming pools & four jacuzzis

    Does CN have two pools? I was under the impression there was only one. This is the way it is listed under the description of CN.

    17 days and counting! I can’t wait!

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    The other one is a small pool for scuba lessons near the watersports huts. If they are not using it for scuba, you are welcome to use it.
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    Thank you so much Wally!

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    The third (and best) pool there is 1,o63,000 square miles in size... the Caribbean Sea.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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