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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
    In London, tanning booths are big business and there are loads of highlited blonde hair and BIG BIG orange tans walking down oxford Street.

    Personally, I use them for a month before I go to Jamaica and find that I never get burned and go really dark brown (I am fair skined and blonde). I just look after myself and always wear protection every single day of my life (even in UK winter).

    If this pic comes out, this is my tan after 5 days in June this year. I also am never without my hat and sunglasses!
    Your tan is gorgeous!

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    Ok, so I just brought SPF 85 due to the comments about Jamaica’s strong sun. I have never worn suncreen & I just burned a couple of weeks ago for the first time ever so of course I will now always wear some type of protection; but what should I use, SPF 15 or 30…I still want to tan

    I have attached a pic of my husband & I, as you can see we are already brown.
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    Blove- GO with 30 spf, I tan very well with that and have never been burnt. I always go with 30 for the first 5 days and then switch to 15 for the rest of the time.

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    Blove... You should be able to get away with a 15 - just make sure that you apply it as directed, that you don't miss any spots and that you reapply every hour or two.

    I get a base tan before we go... and I use a 15 on my body our entire vacation. (30 on face) My husband is VERY pale and he HATES all sunscreens we've tried over 30 SPF because they are SO thick! We've found that as long as he slathers on the sunscreen and takes shade breaks that he doesn't burn at all. As a rule I try to limit us to about 2 hours of actual laying in the sun... or I make him completely reapply.

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    Thanks so much for the help ladies! Im so excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    That's not true - the warning came out and said ANY amount of tanning in tanning beds is unsafe. Tanning does NOT protect you from the sun - a deep, deep tan has, AT BEST, an SPF of 6.
    I read the headline about how terrible tanning beds are in the Comcast news headlines--some doctor was saying that tanning beds were as dangerous as mustard gas.

    Now, this is just the kind of hyperbole that leads people to resist health advice of any kind. Nearly all the people in the western world who might have experienced mustard gas are dead, because gas has not been used as a battlefield weapon since WWI, but Iraqi Kurds who survived being gassed by Saddam Hussein will tell you that mustard gas is a bunch worse than a tanning bed.

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    I love the Mystic tan spray tan. I also love the gradual tan lotions like Jergens. I feel the spray tans look awesome. Anything is better than pasty white...ya know???

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    Default Tanning

    I have heard horror stories from people that were sold by tanning salons that the spray tan would protect. A spary tan is great for a night out, but it provides no protection from the sun. You are going to spend a wonderful week or more with your better half at the greatest resort in the world. BOTH OF YOU GO TO THE TANNING SALON A MONTH IN ADVANCE, GET A GOOD BASE AND ENJOY THE SURF AND SUN.

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    Thank you all for your expert opinions. I have decided to stick to the tanning booths to get a base and use a good sunscreen. It is really nice to see how other people feel. thanks again

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    If you decide to go for the spray tan, definitely DO NOT use the misting booth type of spray tans. Go for an airbrush tan instead, they look WAY more natural. the misting booths turn you orange and streaky whereas the airbrush tan is applied by an actual person and they can make it as light or as dark as you'd like.

    or to save some money, even if you still tan in a tanning bed and want some extra color, I highly recommend Neutrogena self tanning spray. You can get it at WalMart. It comes in a spray can and looks the exact same as if you get airbrushed professionally.

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    Never tried it, but spray on tans scare me. First, I can't believe that spraying some chemicals all over my skin that changes the color of my skin or stimulates my pigmentation isn't in some way bad for me. If they put a patch on your skin that contains a drug or something like nicotene that gets absorbed into your circulatory system through your skin, you don't think some of these chemicals are also being absorbed into your various bodily systems through your skin? Second, I can't believe that inhaling some chemicals into my body that is capable of changing the color of my skin isn't harmful. Think about it. If you're standing in some booth breathing (I sure hope you're breathing) and someone or something is spraying a mist into the air to change the color of your skin, what is that stuff doing to your nose, your mouth, your lungs and everything in between.

    I'm sure someone out there will try to ease my fears but I doubt I will ever try spray on tans.

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    Default Tanner

    I am a pale polish girl so I understand the want to get a tan before going to Jamaica! I spray tan and bed tan, yes I know horrible, but it makes me comfortable. (A tan covers up some not so great looking pale parts)
    Spray tans take a while to get right espically if you are pale when you start. I have finally got my Mystic tanning down to a science, but it still is not perfect. You will end up with dark spots and missed spots almost everytime.
    In the tanning beds I take it slow. I am not trying to become a lobster or bronze goddess I just want a little color.

    Do whats comfortable for you, but know what you are getting into. A spray tan has no SPF or protection but neither does fake baking. I plan on bringing plenty of sunscreen too, I want to enjoy this trip and not end up horribly burned!


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    So if you use self tanners, how do you apply it evenly on places you can't see or reach. Thanks

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