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    Default Hair dryers at CTI

    I have fairly thick and long hair and those white wall mounted blow dryers just do not cut it for me!!! Can anyone tell me what kind of hairdryer they have at CTI?? Should I bring my own?

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    As someone blessed (ha) with long, thick, curly hair, I can officially say that the hair dryers are only slightly more effective than my husband standing behind me going "phoooooooo". DEFINITELY bring your own. They do virtually nothing. In fact, I think that they are even less powerful than the wall mounted dryers in the US. Note: The wattage (amperage) in JA is different than in the US, so even though your own personal dryer will work in their plugs, it may be slightly less powerful down there.
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    The ones that you described. You probably want to bring your own.
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    I'm coming from UK, last time in CTI took my own hairdryer as am also blessed with very thick and wavy/curly hair...gave up after first 30 mins...spent the rest of the time with damp hair and lots of frizz ease! ;0)

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    Thanks folks and @Vee : my hubby and I both laughed our butts off and your "phoooooo" lol

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    I just use styling product and gave up on the dryers.

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