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    Default Honeymoon gifts changed?

    Did the 30-minute couples massage get removed from the complimentary Honeymoon gifts? Looks like the site says there is only a free bottle of sparkling wine now (unless I haven't navigated around the new site enough). Definitely a sad face if so.

    The site looks great, though. I'm still poking around trying to see all the new things, so I haven't seen absolutely everything yet. I think Jeffmon made some great suggestions in the "Welcome" thread!

    ETA: **** Question already answered in "Honeymoon Resort Credit" ****
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    We were just at CTI for our honeymoon. We received a bottle of sparkling wine, a cheese/fruit plate and a coupon for a 30 minute couples massage. April 14-21.

    Just check off honeymoon when you check in.

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