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    Default CN Excursions for first timers

    I will be spending my honeymoon at CN this July. It will be our first time there and were hoping to do some excursions. Because we are first timers, we have no idea what excursions are worth while. Can anyone please help offer guidance?

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    We have not done any off-property excursions so I can't speak to those. My fiance and I did go fishing last August and it was truly the one thing that ever disappointed us at Couples. This excursion was through Couples on a boat from CSA and with staff from their watersports team. We absolutely understood that there would be no promise of catching any fish but we were disappointed that there were more people on the boat than there were fishing poles. This meant that the people on the boat had to take turns handling the fishing pole when there were bites. There were two (working) poles and two bites and five people on the boat. Two of us were women who didn't really care if we had a turn, but my fiance would really have liked to have a chance. I believe we were out in the water for 3-4 hours and it was a pleasant enough ride, but for $300 for the two of us it would have been great for one of us to get to at least touch a fishing pole. If we had known that there were going to be more people than poles we would have either gone another day or gone through a local fisherman.

    The CSA staff on the boat knew my fiance was disappointed and they offered to take him out the next day. He was really happy about that and planned to go, but when we got back to our room later that day we had a voice message saying it was canceled. Guest Relations asked how the excursion had gone and when they heard about our story Karin did end up offering a partial refund, which was very much appreciated. I'm not sure if this is at all similar to experiences others have had but if you're interested in fishing it might be worth trying your luck with a local fisherman.

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    There is one that goes to the Black River, YS Falls and the Appleton Rum Factory. It's an all day one, but worthwhile. The Black River one is interesting because you take a boat ride along the river and get to see, feed and touch the alligators. I actually liked YS Falls better than the more famous and talked about Dunn's River (not as touristee and more peaceful), and the Appleton Rum Factory tour is just cool, especially if you like their rum (which I do!).

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    I am going to wait and see what some people suggest, only because every year we go to CN, I have all these plans as to what we are going to. Visit YS Falls, go ziplining, go snorkeling, etc and we never make it off the beach long enough to do anything, sand gravity takes over.

    The most that we have done is that we have gone to the craft market and downtown Negril. And of course the cat. cruise.

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    Blondie... know what you mean.. been twice in CN.... only made it off-site one day... note to self... do more this time... lol

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    We did the Black River Safari/YS Falls from the hotel and it was a great day out. Couple of hours on the mini bus but got to make new friends on board!

    Plenty of crocs on the river with a chance to stroke them, then a spot of lunch. Off to the falls in the afternoon where you can swim and zip line .... really refreshing and great for photos.

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    Off the resort, we only went on a shopping trip and to Rick's cafe for the sunset. I will admit the sunset at Rick's was beautiful and it was fun watching my husband jump from a VERY high cliff. But, If you are not into the "party scene" or jumping from a cliff.... the sunset at CN is just as beautiful The shopping trip was nice because we got a lot of souvenirs for very little $.
    One thing that I recommend AT the resort, is to book the catamaran cruise twice! You will love it and WILL want to go again but it can be booked up on your last days.

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