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    Default Hurricanes in September?

    I'm debating about booking a trip to CN or CSS in September versus November. But I'm terrified of the thought of our trip getting ruined with a hurricane in September. How many of you have booked in September and had to deal with hurricanes?

    We can book in November, but I'm so ready to head to Jamaica right now so I'd really like to go in September!! Any thoughts?

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    Been to CTI 3 times with #4 this year always in September(anniversary). Sunny warm days, humid nights and 1 or 2 days of rain(short time) the whole week. You can't control the weather so pick a time and ENJOY Couples. A little "liquid sunshine" will never hurt.

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    It's just like planning a Saturday afternoon picnic at home, you might get a great day, and then again it might rain. I'm sure there are years when the entire month of September is beautiful, and others, not so. We were at another resort in Jamaica for a wedding from Sept 25 to Oct 2 of last year. On the second day there, tropical depression Nicole centered over Jamaica. We had 4 straight days of 24 hour rain, and the rest of the days were drizzle and overcast. We took a 3 hour cab ride from where we were to CSS, just to say hi to the staff, and show friends of ours who were with us how beautiful Sans Souci was! We still ventured over to SSB, and went for a swim in the ocean, in the pouring rain! That day created some great memories, in spite of the horrible weather!

    You can't predict the weather. I would say book whenever you want to go, and hope for the best!

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    My husband and I were in Jamaica from September 23- October 2nd last year and it was on and off nice for the first 3 days (my wedding day was the only day it didn't rain which was wonderful) but our honeymoon was almost a wash out. We were there during two tropical storms that were causing issues in the surrounding areas. Luckily Couples Sans Souci had lots of good food and company to keep us busy as outdoor activities were a no go. I was bummed that the beach party and starlight gala had to be indoors due to the weather, but the resort did a good job still making it the best! A lot of my wedding guests had gone a week early and had the best weather so honestly it is just a toss up and risk you take for booking a trip during hurricane season.
    All in all, the weather wasn't the best but we still had a good time and I would rather be in paradise with it raining than at work.

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    We went to CSA last September and are returning again this September. Several days it rained in the afternoon for maybe 30 minutes tops but then the weather was perfect. The day we left there was a tropical storm moving in but they said it was the worst they have ever seen so I guess it is pretty unlikely. November could potentially have hurricanes too... I would say if you want to go in September just do it. We are not too worried about the weather.

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    Nothing to be "terrified" about. We go every year during hurricane season...15th trip last October. One year a hurricane was nearby and approaching Jamaica while we were there and we had a few days of rain but that was the only real storm Jamaica had that season. This year was a particularly stormy season for Jamaica and they got hit rather hard with several storms...hurricanes and tropical storms. Most years Jamaica doesn't get much at all in the way of storms, it all depends on how they move across the area so no way to predict. What if you book November and there is a hurricane then? That first hurricane I mentioned was in November. You aren't any more likely to experience a hurricane in September or November, no more likely to experience one this year or next, it's all luck...or unluck...of the season. Book your trip for when YOU WANT TO GO. It's always best to purchase travel insurance for a trip this expensive, be sure you purchase insurance that will cover things related to hurricanes...cancelling because there is a hurricane, rescheduling flights to get you out of Jamaica if a hurricane comes while you are there, etc. Book through a travel agent who can answer your questions, contrary to popular belief using a travel agent is no more expensive than booking online yourself, if you find one that is charging you or can't find you the same deals you are able to find online then RUN!

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    Been there done THAT in Sept. NEVER AGAIN...we spent on 24hrs @ CSA before we had to get off the island during Hurricane Ivan..was not fun~ although the day before we left, had a great day at the beach and a nice dinner....
    Dee & J

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpmp View Post
    ... How many of you have booked in September and had to deal with hurricanes?
    We've had to play the hurricane dodge a couple of times in September. However, we also had a large tropical storm effect our trip a bit one December as well.

    Your chances of a hurricane are higher in September, but are still minimal. Either way get travel insurance that allows cancellation and/or re-scheduling.

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    google "atlantic hurricanes 2010, 2009,2008,207....."

    it shows in wikipedia how many, and explains their origin and where they went

    September seems to be the most active.

    Therefore, we booked our trip in mid November

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    We were at CN the first week of September in 09. The weather was fine.

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