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    Default July 1-5.. CANNOT WAIT!!!

    This is my first time to Jamaica, going to CSA. I wish I could fast forward time so I can go already!

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    Well our trip is not until 12/02/12 so you can imagine how much I am wanting to fast forward it!
    Have a great trip!!

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    Waiting is part of the fun, what we really need is slow motion for when we get there. 39 days for us.

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    This is our first time too. You think its hard now.....just wait till you are under 30 days!! You start having trouble focusing on your start checking these message boards at least once a start answering questions with "mon" at the end of your answer.....etc. I'm scared of what to expect when we are down to single digits.
    This is one we will always remember!
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    This is my first time to Jamaica, going to CSA. I wish I could fast forward time so I can go already!

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    I agree that the waiting is or at least should be part of the fun. The trip itself goes by so fast that you have to learn to make those long months and weeks leading up to it part of the excitement of it all or you've blown a lot of money on a little bit of time. Everybody does different things but count downs, making lists, count downs, reading the message board all add the to excitement. Don't wish these days away, you'll be there soon enough and it will be over before you know it...the trip I mean.

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    July 2nd -10th.... Can't wait

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    We will be there the 1st-5th as well. The waiting is hard - it gets harder after you've been before and know what to expect when you get there. Use this time to research drinks, foods, excursions, "dress codes", restaraunts, activities, and meet some of your fellow travellers so you'll have someone to buy you drinks at the swim-up bar.

    We're Craig & Lynn

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    Well at least you get to go this year!!! We go for our first time in April only 334 days away....

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    Yes the waiting is the fun part. I'm driving my husband crazy. I'm making my list, reading the reviews and the post everyday. Already can't concentrate at work. Have the count down marked on my callendar. Has anyone ever went on any of the execursion outside of the resort (Bob Marley tour, Dolphin swim ect.....).... I was really thinking about taking the Bob Marley and Dophin swim, looks really good. I just love Dophins so much.

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    Hello robandconnie, we are first timers to couples - arriving at CSA June 30 - July 7th. We are coming down from Toronto Canada. Looking forward to having Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations together with new friends at CSA.

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    I'm Cynthia and my husband is Kevin. Whoever wil be at CSS for te July 4th week we will see you there. Can't wait,so excited.

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