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    Default We all have a choice and Peggy and I chose Couples....Hugs

    CTI....Couples Tower Isle
    CN.....Couples Negril
    CSS....Couples Sans Souci

    These are the resorts that Peggy and I want to visit each and every month,month after month.
    These are the resorts that have enhanced our lives so much..These three resorts have given us so many memories,so many laughs,so many feelings of warmth and comfort.
    These three resorts have provided strangers that now are our very dear friends..Very very very dear friends.

    Yes indeed,Peggy and I have been blessed and we have a choice and we'll stick with CTI,CN and CSS.

    We indeed want to thank the Couples Resorts and their world class guests.

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    Am i reading this wrong or do you go for a week every month to these resorts...changing which one you go to each month ?

    If so have you any idea how many times you have been to each ?

    Very impressed but also wondering if you have tried all 3 why you havnt tried CSA ?

    We have been twice now to CSA and if i ever win the lottery (got 2 lucky dips for then im sure we would be in Jamaica a few times a year (We live in Ireland)

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    Why no CSA Tommywommy?? We are going to CTI, CSA and CN next year so just made me wonder why you aren't all about CSA? CSA is where we picked to get married next year!!

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    Since we have done only two different Trading Places Day to CSA,and not stayed there, I have not included CSA but I'm sure it's as awesome as the three mentoioned above.

    I do know the Couples Resorts and their world class guests have changed our lives and we thank them.


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