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    My boyfriend and I are going to couples negril in a month. I know that there is a nude beach on location (which I did not know about until after it was booked. My boyfriend told me he did research and "missed" this part), which I am not happy about at all. My question is, how close is the beach and do you see it? Also, I found out there is topless sunbathing, which I am also upset about, and want to know the extent. Any input from people who have actually been there would be really helpful because I know it is natural and ok from some people, and that's fine, but I am very upset about the whole thing.

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    You dont have to go to the nude beach and Boyfriend can't go without you. Taking your top off is up to you. If your worried about how many people will have thier top off you never know. If there are alot of women going topless and it bothers you, you can go to the pool it isnt allowed there.

    On a side note one of the things we love about Couples is that everyone there is with their love so no one is paying anyone else any attention. If someone was topless when we went never noticed.

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    You'll be fine. The AN beach is separated from the main beach by a tall hedge. Unless you go for a walk on the beach heading to your left, you won't even see it. Even then, you won't probably won't see anyone unless you look over your left shoulder.

    As for the topless sunbathing, there is some, but not a lot, and no one is running around flaunting anything.

    Put your worries aside. Relax and enjoy the beauty and romance of Couples. We were there last November and are coming back this November (our third trip).
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    This is a repeat to your topless thread???????????

    Have you ever been to the Caribean before???????

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    My wife and I are very conservative. We picked Couples Swept Away because it does not have an “AN” beach. We were slightly shocked to see our first topless sunbathers on our first trip to Jamaica. We quickly learned to ignore it or to move to a different section of the beach. I understand your reason for being upset. We had the exact same concerns.

    Life is good

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    If you stay by the pool, you w0n't be bothered. topless is not allowed anywhere but on the beach. Even then, there is not that much of it. Unfortunately, if you're a beach person, the nude beach is right next to the regular beach, only separated by a fence that only runs to where the sand starts. If it bothers you that much, perhaps you should try to get your reservation changed to Sans Souci, where the nude beach is completely separate from the regular beach in it's own private cove, or to Tower Isle, where the nude portion is actually on an island off the beach that you need to take a boat to. But in general, I will tell you Negril really isn't that wife is also bothered by public nudity and we've been to Negril twice, so that should tell you she wasn't that bothered.

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    Chill out!!! You do not have to participate if you do not wish to. Stay on the textile beach and enjoy all that Couples has to offer. You will NOT be sorry that you chose this resort. Service is superb and Bloody Bay is the most beautiful beach that we have seen, and we have been to a lot of places. Go with an open mind and enjoy your vacation. By the end of your trip you won't even care that there is topless or nudity on specific sections of the beach, as they will have no effect on you at all.

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    Default No Worries Mon!

    Yes, there is a nude beach section. It is right next to the regular beach, but separated by a privacy fence. You will not see any naked people unless you are looking for them! If you are worried about seeing them, you can hang out at the other end of the beach. No worries, the beach is good size!
    We've been to CN only once, and also visited for one day, and have only seen one topless woman. I don't think you have anything to worry about!
    Relax, you will have a great time at CN. It is my favorite of all Couples resorts.

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    I guarantee you he knew! lol No worries.....enjoy, as others have said!

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    Just to echo everyone else...relax.....they are all right, Cn does have a AN beach and the regular beach is topless. But after all it is an adult resort. So just go and have a great time,and enjoy a resort that is second to none. Trust me you will have such a great time and be so knocked out by the beauty of the place, everyone could be wearing gorilla suits and it wouldn't matter. Don't miss a great life experience, over other people enjoying themselves. Believe me they are not doing it to show-off or flaunt anything. And redinthehead is right everybody there is so in love, that any insercurity about their other half looking around never even enters their thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    I guarantee you he knew! lol No worries.....enjoy, as others have said!
    He might have or maybe not, only he knows for sure...
    Regardless Acorn welcome to Couples, hopefully by the time you go you wont be upset.
    At CN if you go looking for the AN section you will find it. If its unpleasant for you its very easy to avoid without detracting from your enjoyment of the resort at all...
    Any toplessness in my two experiences was very discreet and minimal. Just depends on the visitors at Couples on any given week.

    As others have said you are with your SO, your attention will be on each other..dont give it a second thought. You will love Couples..

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