First I would like to thank Randymon for taking the time from his busy schedule to read a letter to my wife. It was a wonderful experience to see the expression on my wife's face as Randy read that letter to her. Again thank you Randy.

We flew AirTran Airways from Baltimore/Washington to Montengo Bay. We arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule so we waited on the plane until there was a gate available.

After going through customs & immigrations which took a little over an hour as it was very busy. We arrived at the Couples Lounge, I was able to get 2 bottles of water and the wife was able to use the restroom as we were on the shuttle very quickly.

Arriving at CSA, check-in was not as smooth as it should had been. No one greeted us upon arrival and after a few minutes we figured out what we need to do. There's a clipboard that you'll need to complete and turn in for check-in.

After check-in we were escorted to our room, as it was ready. We stayed in an Atrium Suite, this was our third trip to CSA as we love staying in the room. After changing we were off to the beach.

Had to call the front desk twice, two days we didn't have any face cloths. Was told that it wouldn't happen again, but it happened a third day as well. I happne to talk to the staff member cleaning our room and was told that they were out of face cloths. Returned later that night from dinner and the face cloths were in place. To me this doesn't make any sense, as large as CSA is they should never be out of face cloths. Granted CSA was completly full, but still this should never happen.

The repeaters dinner was excellent, sat with the head of ground keeping. Sorry I cannot remember his name right now. The dentleman told us that he has a staff of 19 employees over two shifts, and that they work 6 days a week including him. They do a wondeful job maintaing the entire gorund, including the sports complex.

Took a day and went zip lining back at Montengo Bay, it was grat but just a little to far to go. My sister booked this online before we arrived. Parasailed as well, did this through Elvis, yes he's still roaming the beach. If you have a chane make sure that you do this it was an awesome experience.

We ate at all the restaurants as well. The meals were excellent, I thought mabe the meal at Feather's and Patois could have been hotter when served. They were cold to luke warm, excellent meals just need to be served hot. The Friday Night Beach Party was great, more food and drink than you can endure during the evening.

Overall the entir trip was awesome, from the staff, to the meals, to the beach and the weather you just cannot beat CSA . We're already making plans to return, maybe for our 40 wedding anniversary in two years.