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    Default Repeater's Dinner- same day as check-in?

    If we arrive at CN monday afternoon, would we be able to attend the Repeater's Dinner that evening? Our stay would be short - departing on Saturday for CSS. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience in this situation.


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    We went to the repeater's dinner at CN on our check-in day last August. I think we arrived at the resort around 3pm and we had no problems getting on the list. Just check in with Guest Relations. Deston was particularly helpful throughout our stay.

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    I've read posts in the past about guests who have done this, but haven't personally.

    I'd recommend emailing them ahead of time to help with their planning (Guest Relations Couples Negril -

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    I would just be sure to let the front desk know when you check in. I can not imagine that it would be a problem. I would also make sure to complete your pre-check in for you Romance Rewards, that way they will know that you are arriving.

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    We have arrived at CSA many times on a Monday which is their
    repeaters dinner and an invite has always been waiting. We also have pre registered.

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    This is NEVER a problem, remember you are re-entering the land of YES! We go to CTI but intentionally book each and every trip to coincide with arriving the day of the repeaters dinner. Because at CTI the beach party and repeaters dinner are both on Monday nights, we do an 8 night trip, arrive monday, leave tuesday so we can have the kick up our heels beach party to leave on a great note, also the airport COULD NOT be more dead!! There has never been a problem receiving ANY of our perks EVER. If they forget, as hardworking humans can, we remind them, they thank us like family. It's all good, ya mon.

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