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    Default Tennis Racquets at CSA?

    Can anyone tell me if they have decent loaner tennis racquets at CSA? I can not decide if we should risk bringing ours if the resort has some decent loaners. I apreciate the help in advance!

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    I don't recall the racket brands, but there were some 10-12 rackets to choose from at the sports desk last year. IMO, if you plan on playing tennis more than once or twice, bring your own racket. The tennis facilities are great. You'll want to use the racket you are comfortable with.

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    We are not tennis players but have used the racquets at CSA for a couple of times. They seemed to be average request and worked well for us. I would bring your own if you are a really serious player. The courts are very nice.

    We checked out the racquetball racquets every day.

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    We found them to be totally acceptable. (And DH is a total racquet snob.) If you have room, bring your own, but if you don't.... no biggie. He DID bring his own racquetball racquet, though.
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