Ok guests,get to know these wonderful people by name.

Let's start at the top.

CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia...He's always looking out for his guests and his staff follows his lead.

Kyle Mais..Pierre's assistant..He can be seen all over CSS being sure the guests are fine.( I plan to put Kyle to work soon)

Bell Captains..Martin and Dr Love(Evol)..No better bell captains anywhere..They are the first to welcome you home with huge smiles.

Front office and check in staff....Manager..Sillay..Julia,Renna,Clive,Kimber ly,Okime,Alicia,Shauna and Karetta...These employees are the ones we complain to so be NICE.

Front office trainee.....The one and only "Minimi"...Minimi is one outstanding fine young man.

Bartenders...Noxroy,Eston,Orlando,Francine,Duane,J anelle and Dominic..Drink up

Restaurant manager...Hugh Mc Coy..Always providing great food.

Evening security manager...Seymour Henry..Makes me rest well at night.

Entertainment..Team leader Fluffy..Shelly Ann and Kerry Ann..Gonna be fun ALWAYS.

House cleaning...Una..Been at CSS for 35 years..Others are Vanessa,Marva and Sandy..Thank these.

Kitchen..Edgar at the omlet station..Stephanie at the pasta station..Sheldon at the beach grill

Water sports.Manager Michael Walters....Others are Amalachi.Cohen,Barrington,Christopher,Phillip and Dennis..Gotta love these.

Gift shop...Janice,Patrice,Del and Kenisha

Grounds...Fitzroy Sinclair,Kirk,Jose,Marlon,Dennis,Adrian and Leroy...Job well done

Dining room...Keston,Tanisha,Natalia,Kanisha,Vivian,Lenwo rth and Keshian..Thank you.

I'm sure I have left out many others and I'm so sorry.....Peggy and I want to thank all of the wonderful employees at CSS for making our return home so special..We shall see you on May 7th.

So guests..Seek out these employees and tell them hello...Get to know them.

Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 c