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    Default Far out excuses for heading back?

    What are the most
    1) We're out of Jerk Marinate (although we could go across the street to the carribean store and pick some up).

    2) We're out of those coffee candles.

    3) I cannot make my coffee taste the same back home.
    Ride and Smile!

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    #1. My tan is gone.

    #2. My Appleton Reserve bottle is empty.

    #3. I miss that tropical breeze blowing in from the beach.

    #4. I can't fall asleep without the sound of the tree frogs.

    #5. I miss the pampering we receive while at Couples.
    We can't get anyone at home to do that!

    #6. Not done spending the kids inhertiance. Still have a few more trips left.

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    Breakfast omlettes don't taste the same here.

    My overproof stash is down to one bottle.

    Guinness Stout is odd tasting at home.

    I need to fade this tattoo so it doesn't look so new.

    The neighbors are tired of us sunning in their yard and planting flags. Don't get them started on our tree frog CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDYJMJM View Post
    #1. My tan is gone.

    I was gonna say, "My butt's white..."

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    We can get Appleton's Reserve here in Mn, but I ran out of Rum Cream a long time ago!

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    5) I REALLY need a massage.
    4) I miss dancing with my husband after a great dinner & drinks.
    3) I need a Heliconia Burger....badly!! (And a Chocolate Martini)
    2) I miss the sound of the tree frogs.

    and #1......

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    "flag" service doesn't work here at home.. the neighbors have sent me a nasty letter asking me to remove the green flags from my yard..
    Don and Kim
    Savannah, GA

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    You sure it is RESERVE and not VX?

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    Bob is callin me back! He sends three little birds frequently to deliver the message.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I need a new pair of sandals from the sandal man.
    I can't get Appelton Extra here.
    Can't get papaya at breakfast.
    When I put my flag in the sand at the beach here nobody brings me a drink.

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    " I just like it!"

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    1- can't get ganja like that at home
    2- can't lay in a hammock under a seagrape tree
    3- can't lay naked in the sand in the backyard(cat would use for litter)

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    Default Rdyjmjm

    RDYJMJM, I have a bottle of the 12 year old "Extra" and a bottle of the "Reserve". I have seen the VX also.I sure wish they would export the Sangsters though, I don't get that!

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    1. Can't get a free drink here at any bar...very discouraging.

    2. Can't seem to get anyone to call me "My Lady"

    3. The people here expect ME to work!!

    4. I only have one person spoiling me, not an entire staff!!

    I could go on and on!!!
    Great thread Singlespeedrider

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    Default Far out excuses for heading back?

    --I miss my Hummingbirds.....yummy
    --I need to buy more of the best cinnamon in the world!
    --Hubby's lung cancer is still in remission, we MUST go!!

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    I left my toothbrush over there.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    1. No clear, blue water to water ski in after breakfast (our lakes are disgusting and full of ecoli).
    2. Hungry for Heliconia jerk chicken.
    3. The boss frowns on my lying around in my bikini drinking Bay Breezes and Red Stripe all day.
    4. I can get up earlier and go to bed at a decent hour at CN.
    5. I'm in a better mood in Jamaica than at home.

    But everything Irie. Will be back home in 3 days

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    My smile is at CN & I have to go get it.

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    This thread is great! I just told DH the other day we need to go back because i'm almost out of jamaican cocoa butter!

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    The french fries taste much better at the Negril Burger King.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    A friend who is a repeater at CN gave me a taste of rum cream, and now I have reservations to go in October! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shari and James View Post
    Bob is callin me back! He sends three little birds frequently to deliver the message.
    ah yes good ol bob

    who needs an excuse i just wanna go back

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    1. I miss my friends (employees at CTI)
    2. I miss the sound of the ocean and the breeze
    3. I miss being pampered
    4. I miss just laying on the beach
    5. I miss my beloved home CTI

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    1. These bartenders in Philadelphia keep asking for money when I order a drink!

    2. I hung a card on my front door handle...NO breakfast arrived! I had to cook it for myself.

    3. My rum cream has run dry. This is unacceptable.

    4. They don't run snorkeling trips in the Delaware river.

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    1 I think I left a sock there.
    2 The wife treats me better when shes drunk
    3 Cant get VX to float on top of my drinks at home
    4 People are laughing at my green flag and hammock at home
    5 Not sure but I think it was my round next

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