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    Quote Originally Posted by ETF View Post
    1 I think I left a sock there.
    2 The wife treats me better when shes drunk
    3 Cant get VX to float on top of my drinks at home
    4 People are laughing at my green flag and hammock at home
    5 Not sure but I think it was my round next
    I love these!!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    1. I'm Vitamin D deficient
    2. Dave's out of coffee
    3. Noone makes my eggs like Davis
    4. I don't REALLY need to save for my retirement - do I?
    5. I need to break in these new sandals
    6. In an effort to be more eco friendly I think it's better to live naked. What better place to do that than on Tower Island or Sunset Beach?

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    1. The tanline between my abdomen and leg is beginning to fade.
    2. I've looked thoroughly, but there doesn't seem to be any fresh mango in the kitchen when I go to get breakfast.
    3. I've been watching late-night tree frog videos on YouTube daily. I may have a problem and it may need to be remedied by returning to Jamaica.
    4. The neighbors will probably look at me funny if I start wandering around in a bathing suit, drinking Red Stripe all day and ending every sentence with "ja mon".
    5. I can't eavesdrop on passers-by in our bathroom here at home. My inner gossip is dissapointed.

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    I HAVE TAN LINES!! NNNOOOOoooooooooooo!!! LOL

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    1 I'm starting to get tan lines again.
    CTI/April Amigos

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    I lost a shoestring. I think it is in Negril.

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    Papa Smoke is that all you lost at CN?

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    Nope - I lost a Borat thong but I found it later when getting a lower GI. I lost a cheese sandwich (pre-licked). I lost a bit of sanity. I lost something else but I can't remember what it was or where to find it. DAMN those Salty Dogs!

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    I need more ketchup
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    There ya have it folks and Papa Smoke has confirmed it.

    We go back to Jamaica to regain our sanity. Mine is buried in the sand somewhere.

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    Default Because...

    1. I'm out of Rum Cream!
    2. I can't remember how the Tree Frogs sound...
    3. I'm tired of cooking.
    4. IHOP's Banana Stuffed french toast sucks!
    5. CSA is one of few vacation spots that we look forward to repeating, so we just HAVE TO!

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    Back here in the "Real World" they expect me to work. Every day even.....

    To Hell with it..... I'm going back home !!!!

    14 DAYS !!!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    I need to fall in love again!

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    Gotta go while we are still alive. You never know!!!

    I'M ADDICTED!!!!!!!

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    we need to go back because the blackberry doesnt work there and they seem to be able to find me every where i go around here
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    Apparently, I left my relaxed attitude at CSA and I DESPERATELY need to go get it!!!! And a Blue Mountain Bobsled drink while I'm there can't hurt either.

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    I love this!

    I need to go back because I tried to go to the pool bar, and quickly realized that the pool doesn't have a bar.....or near as friendly of people. I miss CTI!

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