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    Default Planning the BIG day some questions

    HI my fiance and I are planning a May 2010 wedding at Couples Swept Away. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what rooms are the nicest! We love privacy and scenery we have never been on vacation together so this will be our first and our wedding and honeymoon combined. I have been torn between going with the Atrium Suite or upgrading to the Beachfront Veranda Suite or the Beachfront Suite. Can anyone tell me the difference? Of course we are on a budget like everyone right? so just trying to trim the fat without sacrificing the full experience.

    Also, has anyone gone ahead and booked directly through couples the entire thing flight, and stay without having to go to a travel agent. I had a look at the site and went through the motions and it looked pretty cut and dry as does the terms and conditions.

    We would love and advice anyone can give also on photography I don't think we can afford Stacey but, I have read a lot about Digital Images I emailed them today hoping they are a little more affordable

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    We got married last month at CSA! You have picked a great resort!! We stayed in a garden Veranda. The room was nice. Wouldn't have changed anything about it but its location. After getting to the resort we sure wished we would have had a room on the beach path! We didnt want to spend the money when we booked as we thought we are hardly in the room anyway. After getting there we wished we would have splurged for it. You only get married once! And of course the resort was all full.Oh well....
    I personally would NOT use an agent. I booked through for just the resort. They have a three day up to the day you leave cancel policy so if we couldnt get flights to match up for some reason it was only $25.00 to cancel. We waited out the flights in our home town to go down to a price we wanted to pay and when they got down there we booked. It all worked out great. Got to bipass the travel agent fee and also the trip insurance. With the resorts 3 day cancel we really didnt need trip insurance.
    As for the photographer we used the resorts. The photos turned out great. Unfortunally the resort photographer was pretty rushed, but besides that we were very happy with the pictures. It was also nice to have them in a photo album two days later to share with others and take home and share with family right away. Also got a disc to go have extra prints made asap.

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    I am also plannying a wedding for July 2010. We were torn b/t CN and CSA forever, and I think we finally decided on CN. But while we were thinking about CSA, we were goin for the Atrium suite, i've heard nothing but great things about it, and its cheaper too!!!

    We are going with Misha Earle, I feel that she is equally as good as Stacey and her prices are a little cheaper, and you get your pics back asap. I was looking into Digital Memories with Diana, who is a lot cheaper, but in the end, I just really like Misha's pics soo much more! they seem to have more of the "IT" factor more me! :-)

    Happy Planning

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    I am getting married in March 2010 at CTI... I DID USE A TRAVEL AGENT... I chose to use one mainly because if ANYTHING goes wrong it falls back on them and not you... also it was less stressful and all taken care of... Travel Agents DO NOT ALWAYS CHARGE FEES... None of the travel agents in my town do and my travel agent said that most travel agents do not because they get some sort of commission from the hotels... so I would most definately check into it because you would be surprised to find out they don't charge and it would be soooo nice not to have to worry about any of the arranging!!! Good luck to you!!!
    Chelsea and Zach

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