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    Default Final Payment Made Today - CN here we come

    June 16th - 26th. Any one else goes to be there then? Had to share my good news. Only fellow MB junkies can appreicate my excitement. My friends all think I am nuts. Have to go home and start packing

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    We also just made our final payment. We're there 9-16...we'll save you some rum.

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    We made our final payment on Wednesday for CSS June 4-11. I totally feel your excitement!! It's all I can talk/think about.

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    There must be something to this Couples place when you are excited to make a final money payment. We know, our final payment is next month and I can't wait to spend that money. It means I am closer to being back in paradise.

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    Final payment day is so awesome. I just love it when it comes around. I know then that 'for a fact' I am definitely headed home!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Being a first timer I would hate for something to happen. SO I was wondering do they notify you of your final payment or just deducted it from your credit card I gave them? Just want to make sure don't want to screw up my Honeymoon.

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