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    Default CSS Starlite Gala

    We will be arriving at CSS on Friday and are looking forward to the Gala. What do people where to it? Do men where long pants or shorts?

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    It's pretty dressy... my hubby wore the clothes he wears to the reservations restaurants.. long pants, closed toed sandals and a flowery hawaiian button up shirt. I wore a cocktail type dress. Heels are difficult because you walk in the grass to the different food tents, so wearing flats is easier that nite.

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    Dress nice but they realize it's the tropics, so dress cool too!

    Here's a pic of us with the manager last year on Gala night!

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    CSS seemed to us a bit more dressy than the other 3 resorts. My husband ended up wearing slacks and a Hawaiian style shirt every night. I had brought fairly dressy sundresses and never felt under/over dressed.

    I agree that heels are difficult on Beach Party night and the Gala. I have high heeled sandals with a solid heel, so they worked fine on the Gala night, but I wore flip flop type sandals to the beach party.
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    i wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts and didn't feel out of place.

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    I wore a light summer dress with flat sandals. Spikey heels would be difficult since the gala is held on the lawn. Bob wore a light summer dress shirt and summer-weight slacks. However, we did see several guys in Hawaiian shirts and nice dress shorts and they looked fine.

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