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    Default Resort Inclusions at CSA

    I do not see the past inclusions of a shopping trip and a trip to The Caves which had taken the place of the trip to Rick's? Are these things still included? Will be there in two weeks.

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    I saw the shopping trip on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, but I didn't see the 'sunset bar' trip. Perhaps it was overlooked? Randy??
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    I may have missed it but cant see snorkeling on the list any more...please tell me its an error

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    Maybe it's just not spelled out directly anymore? On the main inclusions page it says water sports and shopping trips are included...but it is in the general resort inclusions. None of the individual resorts say anything about snorkeling or shopping trips, but I am sure they are still included...or at least I hope they are!

    We are getting ready to book for next winter and I'd like to know the answer to this before I book too!


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