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    Default Evening Entertainment at CSA and CN?

    What kinds of entertainment are other posters interested in seeing in the evenings?
    My wife and I were at CSA last spring and are on our way back this spring as well. Having stayed at CSS several times we enjoyed the Jamaican/Caribbean themes to the evening entertainment. In CSA last year there was more of a push for mainland USA songs and dance entertainment. The steel band was great...OK, amazing! The Michael Jackson, show tunes, etc performances were done well and allowed the talented staff to branch out but it was not what many of us expect when we go to Jamaica. We have all that here at home. As boring as it may get for the entertainers to do the same kind of thing please give us more of what we come to Jamaica for...the reggae and Caribbean flair acts.
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    I thought the same thing when we went to CTI. We go to Jamaica and want to hear reggae or Carribbean music, not Jamaican singers doing covers of the Beatles, pop music, etc.

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    I loved the mento band that plays at CSS!

    I agree for the most part. While we love the dancing at The Palms most nights, it would be nice if there was more steel drum or reggae/ska influenced music, even during the day. But it's not just Couples; many resorts tend to focus on Top 40 type music in an effort to appeal to the LCD.

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    I totally agree! We love both CN and CSA, and enjoy the entertainment provided by their house bands and special guests, and mento bands. However, we experienced more reggae at home preparing for the trip by listening to Sirius radio (recommend the channel "The Joint")!

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    Default Great Evening Entertainment at CN

    We found the entertainment at CN to be top drawer. BB King and his band, The Silver Birds Steel Drum Orchestra, The Limbo Man/ Fire Dancer all very talented also the entire activities team is just fantastic. And theres always the sunsets. Here's a photo

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    I agree... but i gotta tell ya, the house band at SweptAway, "Exodus", does a bangup job of reggae! Ya gotta stick around till after the floor show, though...

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    I know that CSA has the best Piano Bar entertainer I have ever seen in Jamaica. Lenworth (Ultimate) will light up your evening if you frequent the piano bar. My wife and I have been enjoying him since he played for years at another resort we visit. CSA was the winner when they hired him!

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    Absolutely agree with you. We were at CSA last year and were disappointed in the entertainment. I think they are playing what they think we want to hear. Maybe if enough voices speak out they will fix this problem. (Hoping by October because that is when we are going to CN)!

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    rhallva -

    We've gotta agree with you on Ulti... he may be the single most important reason we keep going back.

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    We ended up not staying for most of the entertainment at CSA to be honest, we wanted reggae, things with a local flair. When it started off to be music from home with a Jamaican accent we just didn't find it appealing and went for a walk on the beach or to sit on the verandah and listen to the waves crash. The other resort we have visited in Jamaica was the same, as someone mentioned above. I'd like to see Couples be a step above in this area as they are in every other area and provide the entertainment we all seem to be seeking...just a nice local band playing some good reggae.

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    I emailed Ivonna at Couples who passed on my concerns about the entertainment at CSA not being "Jamaican" enough to management and the performers. Just got this reply..."I just got a reply from GM they just discussed it. They are introducing some changes.Hope you will like it upon your next visit." Nice to have them be so responsive but after all...this is Couples.

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