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    Default Favorite Jerk Sauce

    So everytime I try jerk chicken it's different. Everyone has their own sauce and some are better than others. Bourbon Beach in Negril had some really good sauce that the cook bottled up for me to take home. Very spicy!! Is there any you can buy that you recommend? Going in 3 weeks amd wanna bring some back again.

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    You are right that they are all different. As I understand jerk sauce there is a base that most all cooks start with and a few "standard" spices but from there it's all creativity at work. If you find one you like and can get them to bottle it for you that's your best option, like you did before. We have purchased the Walkerswood brand, I know the airport has it and often resort gift shops do as well (don't know if Couples did). The fact that it's sold in those locations may speak to it's authenticity but a friend of ours has a fabulous meat smoker and we used it on beer can chicken and it turned out very nicely. It would also be a brand that if you decide you like you could order online so you could buy a smaller size jar to try initially then buy more if you decide you like it. Just a thought.

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    Look for Derrick at the Cassava Terrace kitchen. We got a recipie from him last year and I'll tell you his was the best! You have to reduce the quantities as his makes enough for the whole place. If you do manage to get it, send it along to me as I lost my copy.

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    Default jerk!

    Eaton's Boston Bay Jerk sauce or seasoning! Period. Your'e done looking.

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    Scotchies gets my personal pick. Walkerswood (undiluted paste) for "off the shelf".

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    Not a fan of the "Boston" jerk stuff. Nothing like the real thing to me. I've had Walkerswood before and it was good. If I can't get a jar from Bourbon Beach I might do that. No clue what the Cassava Grill is.

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