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    Default July 4th--Red-White-Blue

    Although we all love the yellow, black and green of Jamaica; why don't those of us that are proud Americans show our colors on July 4th at Couples Negril. I would like to personally challenge the other Couples resorts to try to match the outpouring of American pride that we will show at CN on 7/4/11!

    I thought we could meet at the swim up bar around 1PM for a group picture which we could publish on the message board.

    We can make this an annual event!

    The Captain and the Mrs will be at CN 6/29-7/10/11.

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    We are traveling to CTI on July 4th so we will be proudly wearing our red white and blue. Great idea.

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    We will be at the swim up bar with our red, white and blue on and would love to get a picture of this! See you there! Mariann and Jimmy

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    Default Red White and Blue

    Although I think it is wonderful that you are a patriotic American, I find it some what odd to think that another country would celebrate the United States independence day......Am I weird???? Please feel free to wear your red, white, and blue but please don't be upset if the day does not have the same significance for Jamaicans........

    All is irie and Respect,

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    Hello Suzy Q---while you are correct that it does not have the same significance for Jamaicans--July 4th is indeed recognized as the "huge" American flag that is flown on that day at CN will attest. I thought it might be a way to have some fun and get the other Couples resorts in a "friendly" competition. Plus; whether at home in NJ or abroad as the song says "I'm proud to be an American"!
    Your input is appreciated--thank you!
    The Captain.

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    Hi Cap.,

    We will meet you there. They used to do a special show for the 4th. but we haven't seen it lately.
    See ya soon,

    Bruce and Brenda

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    I think this is a great idea! As a member of the USAF (soon to be retired in Dec 2011) I will proudly wear my red white and blue at CSA on July 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Red, White, and Blue

    Hello Captain,
    Thank you so much for your gentlemanly reply to my question regarding celebrating the 4th in Jamaica. I didn't know about the festivities at CN. I hope you and all the rest of the folks celebrating the 4th of July at Couples have a wonderful time!

    All the best,

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    We will try to remember to pack something red, white & blue and also meet you at the swim-up bar. We will be there July 1 - 9. The first time we went to CTI, 10 years ago, we went over the 4th of July. Couples put on a hugh celebration for our July 4th holiday. They built a large stage, had a large buffet and great entertainment. We just assumed they did that every year until we went back a couple years ago and there was nothing. I guess they feel they would have to celebrate every countries special holidays. But at least we still have that memory from our first trip to Couples. Jimmy and Mariann, we will be looking for you on July 1st. Or you should come to the beach and look for us and say HI. I believe you said you get in later in the afternoon. If everything goes as planned, we should be on the beach by noon. Only 65 days.

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    Why not jut bring a small American flag for your balcony or beach lounger !!

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    Hello Bruce and Brenda--

    Great--look forward to meeting you at CN; we'll be there on 6/29; we'll see you 7/1.

    Have a safe trip--

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    1st of all--THANK YOU for your service! Would love to meet up with you. Have you considered "trading places" with CN on the 4th to join us? The more the merrier!

    Thanks again--

    The Captain

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    Hello Mariann and Jimmy--

    Looking forward to meeting you at CN-

    The Captain

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    Already packed!!!!!


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    At CTI July 4 you do see Red/White/Blue . It is low key because the resort does have others from other countries. The 4th is not a great day in the view of the UK, and they will be at the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    I just saw a red white and blue bikini that I plan to buy. Will try to see you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1963 View Post
    At CTI July 4 you do see Red/White/Blue . It is low key because the resort does have others from other countries. The 4th is not a great day in the view of the UK, and they will be at the resort.
    Now there's a thinking, considerate individual!

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    This is meant simply to have a good time and not to offend anyone! Plus; it's been 235 years; I don't think those involved in 1776 really care if we are having a drink at the pool bar or what color shirts we are wearing.

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    At one time CTI (COR) did it up big on the 4th with decorations and a lunch barbecue on the beach. In recent years it has slowely twindled down. Last year there were only a couple decorations on the stage at breakfast but by lunch time they were taken down. We meet our friends from England there every year and they have no problem with the 4th. It's a shame some people do. But we wear our Red, White & Blue T-shirts every year as we will this year.

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    I have celebrated July 4th in Jamaica many times and it offends no one. Many of the resort have elaborate celebrations they put on for the guests from the USA that day, as they often do for Canadians on their special days. I have also attended Jamaican Independence Day celebrations here in the US. and likewise that does not offend Americans. Everyone respects a love of your own country, even if you are in other countries. Just not a big deal at all.
    See you folks at the bar on July 4th!

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    Congradulation on your eleventh anniversary. I think I caught that on another thread.
    People are talking about being considerate, they should consider that if it wasn't for the RED, WHITE AND BULE, we would be speaking German right now.

    See you on the 4th, the flag is packed!

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    Bruce and Brenda--

    Great..look forward to meeting up with you. We''ll be there from June 29--I believe you arrive July 1.

    Thanks for the congrats on being 11 years Cancer free....having to live my life in 6 month increments waiting for the results of the next blood test surely does make a person appreciate EVERY day.

    "Every day on the green side of the grass is a good day!"

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    OK; who is going to be at the CN pool at 1PM on July 4th 2011 for the red-white-blue picture?

    We are--John and Cheryl Ann from New Jersey--6/29-7/10/11

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    Wouldn't miss it for the world!

    We hope to meet you and Cheryl Ann before as we will be there four days before that.

    Is there a story behind the Captain?

    I am a retired Fire Captain with 31 years of service.

    We are Bruce and Brenda from PA and expect you to have a drink waiting for us on 07/01 when we get there!

    What circle are you from?

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    It has been known that other resorts, do celebrate the 4th in Jamaica, with decorations and a band, the name of the band was the George Washington Band, and they played the Star Spangle Banner, I know, I read that on TA

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